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Wisdom Bridge Teleseminars

Wisdom Bridge is an international educational initiative that, through the wonderful technology of Teleseminars, makes the wisdom teachings that are so necessary for our individual and collective awakening processes accessible to people across the globe.

We bring together offerings from renowned healers, masterful musicians, ceremonial leaders, spiritual teachers, and indigenous elders that touch, inspire and awaken our participants in a most profound way.  Our diverse programs span across the lines of culture, language, religion, ethnicity, and age, bringing forth truly universal earth-based wisdom.

Our intention is to serve, enrich, grow and nurture relations among our growing global community, as we have clearly heard the message that collaboration is an essential component of our service to the Earth, particularly at this pivotal time in our evolution.  We invite you to join us on this sacred journey as we listen to the guidance of our wisdom-keepers, elders and Mother Earth.

Thank you for hearing the call to be a point of light on the Wisdom Bridge...come explore our offerings!

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Completed Wisdom Bridge Teleseminars to download

Shift from Western Mind to Ancestral Mind. A 3-week audio/video course with Pegi Eyers, author of Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community and host Victoria Sage. Within this webinar, Pegi shares with us why reclaiming our "Ancestral Mind" is essential to re-rooting ourselves and falling in love with the Earth again, to revere the many elements, manifestations, and creatures as sacred, and to return to peaceful co-existence and respect for all life. See the Information page of the Shift from Western Mind to Ancestral Mind.

The Eagle's Vision. Unify Your Heart with Mother Earth! With Roberto A. Restrepo, Translated and supported by Nelson Caraballo - with a special visit with traditional authorities from La Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia. This course presents an ample look at the worldview and thought of native (original) peoples of the Americas and its transcendent form of understanding the world, origin, self, and destiny. It also shows how this atemporal worldview and thought give meaning and direction to the human experience and bring an understanding of the values which the life-originating principles (Law of Origin or IKWASHENDUNA) bestowed to the human community for this point in time of its existence. See the Download The Eagle's Vision teleseminar Page.

The Path of the Mirror with Roberto A. Restrepo. After spending his life immersed in the study and application of the Life-Originating Principles of the original peoples of North and South America (some of which we began studying in The Eagle’s Vision), Roberto has been granted permission to share these profoundly sacred ancient teachings with the outside world. His intention is to support us in the crucial and urgent work we must all do to restore and unify our internal and external worlds. See the Download The Path of the Mirror teleseminar Page

Practical Spirituality: 8 Teachers for Navigating Life with Grace and Power. A 6 Week Audio Journey with Staci Boden, earth-based healing practitioner, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways Recorded from April 14 to May 19, 2015. For registration and information, see the Download Practical Spirituality teleseminar Page

Ancient Sacred Formation. A Practical Guide for Leading a Circle. A 6 Week Audio Journey with Waymatea Ellis. This program was created to help you step into this vision of yourself: A 6-week program designed to teach you how to host your own circle gatherings with confidence. Recorded from September 15th to October 20th, 2015. To purchase the teleseminar and for more information, see the Download the Ancient Sacred Formation Teleseminar Page.

Enhancing Inner Guidance. Living an Inspired Sacred Life and Expressing More of Who You Are. A 6 Week Audio Journey with Shivrael Shannon Brophy. Our goal for this Six Week journey is to channel and express as your authentic self, bring through guidance that is to your everyday life, making it more aligned with spirit in all that you do. Recorded from September 22nd to October 27th, 2016. To purchase the teleseminar and for more information, see the Download the Enhancing Inner Guidance Teleseminar Page.

Instruments for Peace with Shimshai, Tina Malia, Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia, Joanne Shenandoah, Zap Mama, and Jai Uttal. Come explore the Healing Power of Music! As a special treat for this teleseminar, we are also be accompanied for several of our sessions by our beloved Jyoti. See the Download Instruments for Peace teleseminar Page.

Listening to Our Mother Waters: The Path of Purification with the Water Songline Council. A seven-Audio Course recorded from November 7th to December 16th, 2014. See the Download the Listening to Our Mother Waters teleseminar Page.

Free Virtual Event Living Fully Awake with Essential Oils: a Three Part Series. With Holistic Wellness Educator and Spiritual Coach Rev. Tatiana Berindei. How to revolutionize your life and your spiritual practice through the powerful use of essential oils. Free Teleseminar recorded on May 24th, November 22th and December 6th, 2016. For more information, see the Download the Living Fully Awake with Essential oils Page.

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