A Center for Sacred Studies Membership created to foster deeper learning and greater connection. A place to share and ritual created for the community by the community.

Each monthly module will cover a different topic concerning Spirituality and Healing, offering you the opportunity to deepen your spiritual and energetic knowledge, and to grow your spiritual practice in a holistic way.


The MotherShip Program has three different type of virtual circles.

MotherShip CALLS

Specialized teachings and deep wisdom transmissions from some of our most beloved elder teachers, as well as from within our very own CSS Community of Program Graduates.

Free for all! Everyone welcome, just register for the call.


Our monthly chat with Jyoti and Darlene Hunter provides MotherShip members an opportunity to connect in a sacred way with Jyoti and Darlene for information, questions or guidance.

As part of the Membership Subscription fee


These virtual circles are divided a different calls on the same subject. With multiple sessions we are able to go deeper into the teachings and practices we are studying.

As part of the Membership Subscription fee

ASTRO CLUB with Sibyl Star

1st Wednesday of the Month @ 5-6:30 pm PST

Welcome to the Astro Club with Sibyl Star! This is a group that meets monthly to discuss current astrological events. Sibyl will also share a short astrological teaching. A short mini-reading will be included for participants with an opportunity to ask questions.


2nd Wednesday of the Month @  5-6 pm PST

Fireside Chat with Jyoti Ma provides an opportunity to connect in a sacred way with Jyoti for information, questions, or guidance.

PSYCHIC SPEED-READINGS with Tatiana Berindei

4th Wednesday of the month @ 5-6 pm PST

In this fun monthly workshop, Tatiana will work with oracle decks and her own intuitive guidance to give you a laser-speed psychic reading to help clarify a burning question or identify the source of major obstacles that are currently bothering you so you can take your life to the next level! Readings are on a first-come, first serve basis and length will be determined by number of workshop participants.

Dreamscapes: An Alchemic Immersion with Susan Coleman & Susan Bell

March 30 & June 29, 2022 @ 5-6:30 pm PST

All are Welcome!

Come join us for a beautiful integration of our dreams. We will inquire, relate, and have conversation with our soul dreamscape. A step in integrating our own unique place within Earth-Being, life’s undulating majesty and beyond.


The Program Includes with Standard Membership Fee

All Live Mothership program calls, Fireside chats, Series

Recordings of all the programs.

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Standard Membership Fee

Pay $24.99 per month until cancelled

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Pay $1270 one time fee for life-time membership (unlimited)

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