Prepare Our Future Leaders

Prepare Our Future Leaders

Our Children inherit the Earth – they are our new Leaders!
The Ancestors are listening…

Children's Stargate Mystery School

Join us in holding sacred space for our young people to create and co-exist in their everyday actions and personal connections.

During our time together, we will be exploring and co-creating the world in which we want to live, what we think, what we say, what we believe, what we do, and the attitude we have to create our reality. Let’s play, create, and learn from one another!

In these times we are in, it is important to listen to the wisdom of our young ones in order to create the most inspiring, empowering, joyful and love-filled experience possible for our Communities and our World! We are working to offer tracks for both our younger ones and for our teen leaders.

For those that may not be able to join us, please consider making a donation for our Children’s Stargate to support our Children and to help support our Team in holding this amazing space for our Next 7 Generations. As we hold these two tracks, we will need more assistance and your support is so very appreciated!

Parents/families are encouraged to attend while also enjoying a wonderful retreat space in the beautiful redwoods! You are an important part of this offering and we cannot hold this space without you! Thank you!!


Would you like to see our Children's Stargate Program reach more of our future leaders in general, or know of someone that is considering enrolling their child?

Consider making a donation!

Your funds will go to this program specifically...

Hello, our beloved Ministers of Walking Prayer, Stargate graduates, and supporters of The Center for Sacred Studies,

We hope this letter finds you all welcoming the transition of the seasons from spring to summer. It has been a time of blossoming and now we are gearing up for the fullness that summer brings for our children. We will be holding our 6th Children’s Stargate, July 22-25, 2019 at Wildwood Retreat Center in Guerneville, CA. 

We are asking for your generous support in making a Tax-Deductible Donation for our children and the team to make this another amazing experience for all. Please continue reading below about Children’s Stargate.

The children will go through each level.… Preparation, Purification, Initiation, Integration, and Actualization…. deepening the understanding of this year’s chosen theme. Building on what we have done with the young ones in the past, this year we will be exploring together “The Council of All Beings!” This powerful work came through Johanna Macy and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of Mother Earth and all Her Beings. We will be immersed in experiencing and speaking from the perspective of other life-forms so that we are ready to address the concerns of our planet, within our families, schools, communities and the world today.

This experience is powerful for our young ones, including Earth-based ceremony, guided meditations to access their inner knowing, activities, and hands-on craft making to anchor all their work into something tangible to take home. We visit the sacred sites on the land and make offerings for the spirits that inhabit each place. And of course, there is the favorite swimming time each afternoon!

We hope to be having a group of teens again this year. Some of the time they will be working separately for more in-depth experiences—a breath work, a silent sleepover on the knoll, with time to process together what they received from these powerful experiences.

The last night we are there, we have an evening with Elders, including Jyoti & Russell, who will share stories and songs with the children. On the final day, the children make a presentation to the community…. their parents and family members, other local ministers, and guests. It is a full and deep experience.

As you might surmise from this brief outline, the staff is BUSY from sun up until deep into the night… discussing how things are going for the children, making any changes that are needed, making our gift to them, and of course, indulging in chocolate!

The Children’s Stargate Team have volunteered their time in phone calls to choose a theme and design the activities and crafts that support the theme, show up with smiles, hearts, and hands ready for the entire day and evening for 4 days, giving from their generous hearts, minds, and wallets. Not only are they volunteering their time on the calls before, but they are also volunteering their time during the 4 days. In the past, they have paid for their room and board ($475). We need 5 - 7 team members to keep things running smoothly and to make sure each team member has a few moments to catch their breath. Some parents come, helping immensely for the in-between times when the staff needs to meet and taking turns sleeping with the younger children in the temple each evening.

I am writing to ask for your Donation to allow us to offer scholarships to the team for room and board as well as offer some help on the costs for those families who want to send their child or children and can’t afford all of the costs. (Children 6-12: $250; Teens: $475, Assistants $475). Would you be willing to sponsor a child to come? Would you be willing to offer financial help to these dedicated team members? Any amount will be gratefully accepted, and remember it is tax deductible!

Gratefully yours,

Rev. Elder Grandma Judy

Children Stargate Team Member

Hear one parent’s experience of the incredible Children’s Stargate program from the Center for Sacred Studies. Feel free to contact Theresa at if you have any questions or would like to know more about this transformational program for our next generation.

 Next Children's Stargate


California: 4 days during the week in July or August! (Location TBA)

Washington: 4 days in July at Cedar Springs in Sedro Wolley, WA -

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Darlene Hunter, CSS Executive and Spiritual  Director, Minister of Walking Prayer, Certified Maitri Breathworker. As a Minister and co-creator of the Ministerial Training Program, and Instructor for the Stargate Mystery School, Darlene provides individual and group ministry to support awakening by holding prayer ceremonies to bring people in direct contact with the Divine. She travels internationally to cultivate unity and develops community growth and support by sharing of resources, knowledge, and prayer dedicated to the next 7 generations. Darlene has been facilitating Children's Stargate in California and in the Czech Republic since 1998.


We have been blessed with many wonderful people who dedicate their time, plane tickets & Love these last years: Trish Noble, Grandmother Judy Lay, Mary Alice Mastrovito, Arianna Husband, Cyndee Green, Nathan J. Huerkamp, BN Pasek, Eva Ackerman, Ava Harris, Susan Coleman, and Benjamin Adelman!