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Practical Spirituality

8 Teachers for Navigating Life with Grace and Power

A 6 Week Audio Journey with Staci Boden, Earth-based Healing Practitioner, Energy Teacher and Author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

An interactive six-week audio course with bonus videos, guidebook, individual support, community building and more…

 Recorded from April 14 to May 19, 2015


What is Practical Spirituality?

Practical Spirituality integrates earth-based and feminine wisdom ways with everyday modern living.

It begins with letting go of a dualistic either/or reality to create an And world.

With Practical Spirituality, daily life becomes a spiritual training ground for growing a relationship with the unknown mystery.

The heart of Practical Spirituality rests in letting go and following energy.

Letting go means releasing attachment to a specific outcome as well as the fears, hopes, and expectations they carry inside.

Meet 8 unique teachers for following energy…

Over 15 years ago, Staci Boden, earth-based healing practitioner, and energy teacher, began working with individuals and groups who were unfamiliar with following energy.

To bridge the gap, eight teachers emerged as a way to develop a co-creative relationship with the mystery in daily life:  fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, intention and surrender.

These teachers aren’t human, but they are dynamic doorways for awakening consciousness. Through them, you can begin to follow energy and activate And living.

Q & A  with Staci Boden

Recorded on March 24th, 2015, hosted by Wendy Cummins, CSS Global University Director.

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