Living Fully Awake with Essential Oils- a completed Free Teleseminar to download


Living Fully Awake with Essential Oils:

A Three Part Series

Join us for this Free Teleseminar Series on how to revolutionize your life and your spiritual practice through
the powerful use of essential oils.

A Free Virtual Event
With Holistic Wellness Educator and Spiritual Coach Rev. Tatiana Berindei

To get the most out of this class, it would be best if you had oils with you with while on the call.

That way you get to experience life and first-hand the power of applying them in the ways that we will be exploring on these calls.

Here is a Button to where you can ORDER your premium starter kit, which has all the oils in it that we will be covering in the first call!

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A list of the oils we will cover in each subsequent call will be provided upon registration.

Your purchase will not only result in yummy oils for you to enjoy, but a portion of it will also go to support CSS in doing the good work they continue to do for all of us around the world.

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About Tatiana Berindei


Tatiana lives a life rich in spiritual experience and self-reflection drawing from a diversity of teachings. Over the years she has studied with elders of many nations and teachers from many different walks of life.

Through Young Living essential oils Tatiana has found her plant allies and has developed a rich and profound healing practice with them. This practice began by using them to bring her own life back into balance and she now loves to share their power and profound benefits with others.

Tatiana is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, mother and wife, spiritual coach, healer, singer, songwriter and performer with the music duo Viatsa, poet, actress, gardener, herbalist, cook, craftswoman, hospice volunteer, placenta encapsulation specialist, holistic wellness educator, networker, traveler and passionate lover of life. She is committed to a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance, in harmony with the earth and all those who inhabit it. Her big dream is to bring the blessings of abundance to all those working for the good of the planet and our collective spiritual evolution. Find out more about Tatiana’s work at

Part One: Your Body in Balance
Recorded  on May 24, 2016
(Recording available)


In this class we will learn:

• What essential oils are and why they are such incredible tools for cultivating health and vitality in the body
• Why having a strong and healthy body is important for a vibrant spiritual practice
• The importance of purity in essential oils and the Seed-to- Seal
• Eleven must-have oils to assist your body in having the vibrant health that is your birth-right and how to use them
• The power of essential oil enhanced supplements for bringing about total body wellness
• The importance of living a chemical-free lifestyle and how essential oils can help your body detoxify

Part Two: Emotional Freedom
Recorded on November 22, 2016
(Recording available)

The oils that we will be using on this next call are:

The Feelings Collection (currently out of stock but we are hoping that by the time September rolls around it will be back. If not, we will go over their benefits but also be talking about and using some different oils, so stay tuned).

Joy, Gratitude, Acceptance and Surrender blends - as well as Melissa and Rose single oils - will also be discussed for their emotional benefits. We will discuss ways to use these oils both in our own lives and also with clients.


In part two we dive into the depths of our emotions and discover:

• How our brain physiology makes essential oils the perfect tool for emotional support
• Some of the most common ways to use essential oils for emotional release and balance
• Ten of the most powerful oil blends to support and uplift the emotional body and how to use them for both personal use and in a private practice setting

Part Three: The Spiritual Frequencies of Essential Oils
December 06, 2016
(Recording available)

Book: Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules by David Stewart


Now that we have covered the physical and emotional bodies, we are ready to move on to the spiritual work.

In part three, we will explore:
• The historical uses of essential oils for spiritual purposes
• How essential oils influence the part of the brain that allows us access to higher consciousness
• Some basic ways to incorporate essential oils into a spiritual practice
• Essential oils as vibrational medicines
• Eleven specific oils/oil blends for spiritual upliftment, transformation

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