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A 3-week Audio Video Journey with host Victoria Sage and Pegi Eyers

Author of Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community

Recorded from February 20 to March 5, 2020

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"As inaccessible as it may seem at times, a wealth of information can be found in our own ancestral knowledge(s)."

Within this webinar, Pegi shares with us why reclaiming our "Ancestral Mind" is essential to re-rooting ourselves and falling in love with the Earth again, to revere the many elements, manifestations and creatures as sacred, and to return to peaceful co-existence and respect for all life.

To be in alignment with our own heritage is to find empowerment and actualization as a true human being.

Our reclaiming process also includes the re-inhabitation of place (or getting to know the unique features of our home landscape), and we have a responsibility to embrace geo-justice and the hard work of caring for and protecting the land.

Pegi will speak about how an authentic self-identity can be reconstructed from old/new earth-centered societies, using the timeless values of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) as a model.

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Shift from Western Mind to Ancestral Mind Teleseminar



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