The Path of the Mirror - a completed Teleseminar to download


The Path of the Mirror

Presented by Amaru Qosco (Roberto A. Restrepo)

Translated and moderated by Eva Ackerman

A 6-session downloadable course with a supplementary On-line Visual Component recorded from November 12th  to December 17, 2013
Are we really human?... What is time?... What are we living for?... Does death exist?... What does it mean to be reborn?... Is there such a thing as final experience?...

Amaru Qosco, the beloved teacher who brought you the "The Eagle's Vision" teleseminar, will be guiding us through this journey of consciousness with his radiant love and expansive wisdom. After spending his life immersed in the study and application of the Life-Originating Principles of the original peoples of North and South America (some of which we began studying in The Eagle's Vision), Roberto has been granted permission to share these profoundly sacred ancient teachings with the outside world.

His intention is to support us in the crucial and urgent work we must all do to restore and unify our internal and external worlds.

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The Path of the Mirror Teleseminar



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