Connect From Within...

Maitri Breathwork™ Workshops

You’re invited to awaken your own inner healing wisdom with a session of Maitri Breathwork ™ developed by PhD’s Jyoti and Russell Park. These sessions are held by Certified Maitri Breathwork Facilitators.

This breathing technique aids in accessing altered states of consciousness, allowing individuals to embody their own healing energy in a supportive and natural way. Individuals may be shown patterns that have become part of their lives or release held states of trauma, allowing spiritual development.

During a breathwork you will experience evocative world music, healing hands on bodywork and exotic aromatherapy. Our day will consist of two session breathwork, allowing you to participate as both breather and sitter. The day will end with a circle of sharing and integration.

About Maitri Breathwork from Jyoti

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