Seeds for Peace and Unity


Dear friends, relations, and supporters of The Grandmothers Council and The Center for Sacred Studies:

Since 2004 when the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers joined in partnership with the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS), we have been blessed to devote the last decade in an alliance together for peace and unity. The Grandmothers have traveled to each others’ homelands and to many places around the world to develop solidarity and cultural exchange; education and community outreach and sustainable community development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have continued to support our global movement with prayers and donations of all kinds. The Grandmothers’ Council could not be sustained without hundreds of devoted people around the world.

In this era of transition, we are all clarifying ourselves and stepping more fully into our sovereignty. Though our business relationship is shifting as the Grandmothers Council looks to form their own non-profit, our spiritual partnership continues as both the Grandmothers Council and The Center for Sacred Studies spread our wings and develop our common mission in independent directions.

We see this as an expansion; a way in which we can grow this prayer for peace and unity, with love and respect for all.

The unity is in motion,
The Center for Sacred Studies