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A FREE Community Prayer Portal call ~ The Daughter of Promise with Luisha Teish ~ May 29th, 2019

The Daughter of Promise: Innocence and beauty as the gifts of Spring. Luisah Teish will lead us in a discussion on ways to empowerment through creative expression. Luisah Teish is a storyteller-writer, an artist-activist and spiritual guidance counselor. She is an initiated elder (Iyanifa) in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora. She is the author…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Whispers from the Beloved Mother with Grandmother Flordemayo ~ April 17, 2019

Whispers from the Beloved Mother Please join Grandmother Flordemayo for this virtual event April 17th, 2019, which is 11 Q’anil – Q’anil is the sign of the seed, and on this day the energy for positive growth and abundance.  It signifies the four colors of corn, which according to the Maya are yellow, white, red…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Listening to the Wisdom of the Earth with Jyoti ~ March 27, 2019

Our call this month is “Listening to the Wisdom of the Earth” – Please join us as Jyoti, our Grandma Elder, Founding member of Kayumari with her husband Russell Park;  one of the Founding members of the Center for Sacred Studies; Founder of the Fountain Project and Spiritual Grandma for our Global Community Village, shares…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Navigating the Shift with Sibyl Star ~ February 27th, 2019

Our call this month is called, “Navigating the Shift”– We have always looked to the stars for guidance as the ancient teaching says, “As above, so below.”  Sibyl Star will share her understanding of astrology, the meaning of the movements of the celestial bodies and the wisdom they provide to help us navigate these turbulent…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ How Prophecy is guiding Life with Mindahi Bastida and Ken Kitatani ~ January 30, 2019

Please join us to meet our guests Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz, Ph.D and Reverend Ken Kitatani.  They will each share how prophecy is guiding their lives and share some of the prophecy of these times. Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz, Ph.D.  Mindahi is the Director of the Original Caretakers Program, Center for Earth Ethics, Union Theological Seminary…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ For Unity and Peace: Center for Christ Consciousness with Donna D’Ingillo, Deborah Goaldman, Bonnie Klatt and Leoma Sparer ~ December 20, 2018

This will be the first of calls that will now be scheduled once a month including different facilitators each time, so that we can offer a diverse dialogue.   We are hoping to hold a focus of the Now! What is happening and what can be our response. How is this walk, a prayer in…

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Jyoti on KPFA : Talk-It-Out Radio : Staying Connected to Your Dream in Scary Times

Talk-It-Out Radio 02.26.17 – 7:00pm Staying Connected to Your Dream in Scary Times Are you staying true to your own dream?  Do you want some powerful help to stay connected to yourself?  In this special KPFA fund-drive edition of Talk It Out Radio, we host Jyoti, a Minister of Earth-Based and Indigenous ways of prayer…

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WATER & SACRED SITES: Hearing the Voice of Earth with Grandmother Vision Keeper, Jyoti

The Earth is speaking to us. Yet, are we listening? Water is the essence of life. Water is the blood of the planet, our Pachamama, our mother Earth. When our blood is compromised, we humans fall into dis-ease. Why would we expect our planet to respond any differently? Jyoti, (Jeneane Prevatt, Ph.D.) is one of…

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