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“Peace Nana” by Luisah Teish

Alafia good people: This greeting asks that we have good health and be at peace with our neighbors. We are blessed to be on this beautiful planet, together at this most important time. It is our blended energies that keep the rhythm of Life playing as we dance to the music of the spheres. Imagine…

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Message from Mamo Manuel, Kogi People, Colombia

We are a key moment in time, these are the times where Mother Earth is speaking through her beings, and also through the invisible beings that manifest themselves through diseases at these times. And this is a lesson that we are learning as human beings. The time has come for us to learn and remember…

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Offering from Elizabeth B. Jenkins about Q’ero Prophecy

Offering from Elizabeth B. Jenkins about Q’ero Prophecy and how the Global Healing Paqo Ops are contributing to Prophecy! Coincidentally there is an inaccurate and misleading post going around FB that is being touted as THE Q’ERO PROPHECY –and I have been asked to put forward the Prophecy as it was taught to me by…

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Kurikindi’s Message

Kurikindi has shared with us about the worry he feels for the new generations, that are our kids, and he considers this to be a priority in these times. He shares about the Eagle – Condor Prophecy and how this vibration of this prophecy is very high right now in South America. He understands that…

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Mindahi Bastida’s TOLTEC Wisdom Message

  Toltec timekeepers knew about the 26 thousand year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. That is the time it takes for our planet to be aligned to the same north star back again. It consists of five cycles of fifty-two hundred years. We have just completed the fifth of these cycles, which for…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ The Reverence Code with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb ~ November 27, 2019

“The Reverence Code” with Shawna Bluestar Newcomb   Our call this month is called “The Reverence Code” with Shawna Bluestar. Known as a gifted seer, healer, and teacher, Shawna’s messages of universal wisdom have brought inspiration and healing to global audiences. Shawna draws wisdom from her Indigenous heritage, (Shawnee, Lenape, Azteca) practical tools, spiritual connection,…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Transforming our World from the Inside Out with CaIixto Suarez and Grandfather Woableza ~ September 25, 2019

Our call this month is called “Transforming our World from the Inside Out”, hosted by Eva Ackerman. On this special call, we will receive transmissions & teachings from Arhuaco elder Calixto Suarez, and ancestral wisdom & stories from Grandfather Woableza of the Lakota/Dakota nation. Based on the principle of Universality, Calixto believes the work of…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ The Osun Prophecy with Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis ~ August 28, 2019

Our call this month is called “The Osun Prophecy”. Many in spiritual circles are wondering what our times hold, how to really help and if the help we are giving is enough. Recently, Yeye Omileye had a detailed prophetic trance vision from Osun, where a disaster was detailed out, along with the solutions. This vision…

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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ The Prophecy of the Bear with Shii Tuii Chadbourne ~ June 26, 2019

The Prophecy of the Bear – bringing balance to Nature Please join Kenny and Shii Tuii Chadbourne as they share with us the Prophecy of the Bear and its alignment with the Big Dipper/star nation, which began in 1987 and ends in 2039. The final 52-year cycle ending the 4th world.   The bear once walked…

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