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A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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Virtual Event: 5 Ayurvedic Remedies for Healing & Living Disease Free with K.P. Khalsa @ The Shift Network
May 26 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Discover 5 Essential Ayurvedic Remedies
Ayurvedic Herbalism with Dr. K.P. Khalsa (live video event)

You’ve probably heard of or tried remedies from Ayurveda, an ancient healing tradition in India.

But have you found an approach (or teacher) that has made this comprehensive system easy for you to use?

Ayurveda is quite accessible (and practical), giving you simple and effective remedies to address anxiety, stress, and hormones — and improve your mental clarity, sleep, hair, skin, and more…

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to a complimentary virtual workshop with world-renowned Ayurvedic herbalist and teacher Dr. K.P. Khalsa on Saturday, May 26.

Join me for 5 Essential Ayurvedic Remedies for Healing & Living Disease-Free: Discover How to Apply Triphala, Shatavari, Gotu Kola & More.

You can RSVP for free here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/5ar/thirteen

K.P., one of the world’s experts in herbalism, has a grounded, systematic approach, allowing you to easily apply — with the right dosages for your body — Ayurveda remedies to balance your body’s three primary metabolic forces known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

During this illuminating online workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How you can safely apply Ayurvedic herbalism for your healing and health — without having to learn and apply a whole new system
  • A set of potent antioxidants known as the Triphala
  • An anti-inflammatory remedy to help curb disease
  • Ashwagandha, a common Ayurvedic herb for decreasing anxiety
  • Shatavari, a special remedy for women for anti-aging and treating menopause
  • How you can improve your mental clarity and focus, using an herb called Gotu Kola

In addition to his 47 years of experience in natural medicine, Dr. Khalsa offers practical applications for healing and balancing the body, rather than a “mystical” approach, which is common in Ayurveda.

So do join me to discover how to apply 5 essential Ayurvedic remedies to decrease inflammation, improve your digestion, strengthen your immunity, and more!

And all for FREE… Register here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/5ar/thirteen

If you’re interested in preventing and healing inflammation and aging-related illnesses and conditions, don’t miss this free hour with world-renowned Ayurveda doctor and teacher Dr. Khalsa.

RSVP for free, here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/5ar/thirteen

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Virtual Event: Activating Your Integral Heart with Terry Patten @ The Shift Network
May 30 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

[Free virtual event] Your heart holds the keys to unshakeable self-trust and inner knowing

Have you long intuited that your heart is a vast reservoir of wisdom, strength, and well-being — with an intelligence deeper than that of the brain — if only you could consistently and reliably connect with it?

You’re not alone. In fact, the awakened heart’s essential expression of intelligence — Love — is what we all most deeply appreciate, are most attracted to, and aspire to become. Life really is a school that is teaching each of us, across our whole lives, what it means to really and truly live as Love.

And it’s exactly what our world needs.

In fact, the intelligence of the heart operates at the nexus of the “inner” and the “outer” life, where true spiritual maturity is forged. It’s where we intuit wholeness — and its strength and clarity are how we sustain healthy and impactful change on all levels: personal, cultural, environmental, and even political.

If you’re inspired by the thought of connecting with your heart’s full intelligence — thereby living your truth “out loud,” activating your higher intuition, and responding to life’s challenges with unshakeable self-trust, love and wisdom –– then I invite you to consider this:

Terry Patten, one of the foremost teachers in the Integral movement, is hosting an upcoming virtual event: Activating Your Integral Heart: 4 Keys to Unlocking the Hidden Powers of Your Heart Intelligence, on Wednesday, May 30.

Reserve your free space here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/aih/thirteen

During this free video event, Terry will share the fruits of his four decades of advanced practical, mystical, intellectual, and embodied investigation into the higher reaches of the heart’s intelligence and capacity for love.

During this free session, Terry will share with you:

  • His unique synthesis of scientific and mystical understanding that illumines why the heart is the source of such rich intelligence
  • A daily Integral Heart practice that activates and brings together all dimensions of your being
  • The keys to activating your Integral Heart in day-to-day relationships in a way that brings clarity, luminosity, and love — even under uncertain or even heartbreaking conditions
  • How you can contribute to the larger “revolution of love” by letting your life and work be infused with greater feeling intelligence

Join Terry for an illuminating hour that will help you open the door to an entirely new relationship with your most powerful source of intelligence, power, and creativity — your Integral Heart. https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/aih/thirteen

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about the miraculous possibilities that can come through truly choosing and activating your heart’s full intelligence — from one of the foremost experts in the field.

RSVP here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/aih/thirteen

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Virtual Event: Discovering Your Energetic Archetype & Life Plan with Jean Haner @ The Shift Network
Jun 6 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Discover Your Original Imprint (The Energetic Archetypes)
Chinese Wisdom to Align Your Life With Your Personality and Life Plan

Did you know that you were born with an original “imprint” of your personality and life plan?

And if you’re feeling restless, stuck, or even depressed — it may simply be because despite your best efforts, you’re unknowingly making choices that are working against your true imprint.

Your personality and life plan derive from this imprint, whose energies relate to the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, according to Chinese Medicine.

And on Wednesday, June 6, leading author, spiritual teacher, and energy healer Jean Haner will share insights, to help you get back in touch with your life plan and the truest expression of your personality during a FREE video event: Discovering Your Energetic Archetype & Life Plan: Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Align With Your Gifts, Divine Timing & True Destiny.

You can register here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ea/thirteen

During this fascinating, complimentary hour, you’ll discover:

  • The 9 energetic archetypes within this ancient personality and life-plan system
  • The hidden meanings in the year, month, and day you’re born, which provide clear life guidance
  • How your inner and outer life experiences are linked to the movement of energy and qualities embodied in the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine 
  • Live readings by Jean Haner, based on the timing of when people arrived in the world
  • A practice designed to closely align you with your lifestyle, relationships, and life purpose

Join Jean to discover how this ancient branch of Chinese medicine can help you realize what your life is actually meant to be all about… and how you can align your work, key relationships, and the next steps of your life with your original “imprint.”

Register now: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ea/thirteen


If you’d like to discover the power and depth of this ancient Chinese personality system, which can help you align with the original “imprint” of your personality and life plan, don’t miss: Discovering Your Energetic Archetype & Life Plan: Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Align With Your Gifts, Divine Timing & True Destiny.

RSVP for free here: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ea/thirteen

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

Virtual Event:The Enneagram Global Summit @ The Shift Network
Jun 11 @ 9:00 am – Jun 15 @ 3:00 pm

  • Discover the Power of The Enneagram
  • Break Free of Your Unconscious Patterns
  • 9 Essential Pathways for YOUR Transformation
  • Enneagram Global Summit: 9 Pathways for Transformation
  • Uncover the GIFTS of your Enneagram Personality Type

What if you had a roadmap — a “soul-map” — for understanding who you are and what makes the people around you tick? A time-tested system that integrates your whole being and can be applied to every area of your life?

And what if this map could help you tap into your essential nature, resulting in truly authentic relationships and a deep sense of living “on purpose”?

This map exists, and it’s the Enneagram… a powerful personality typing system that serves as a profound gateway to your inner wisdom. It can shed light on behaviors which might be undermining your ability to access wholeness, true intimacy and fulfilment of your life’s dreams.

During The Enneagram Global Summit, June 11-15, 2018, you’ll discover discover key insights and practices to break free from unhealthy patterns, reconnect with your true Self and realize your highest potential.

We’re honored to invite you to join more than 45 of the world’s top experts — including people like Claudio Naranjo, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, Cheryl Richardson, Dan Siegel, Katie Hendricks, Robert Holden, A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), Jessica Dibb, Dr. David Daniels (posthumously), and others — sharing the latest insights and applications to integrate into your own personal growth journey and to take your Enneagram knowledge deeper.

Free Online Event
Enneagram Global Summit
June 11-15, 2018


I hope you’ll join us for this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network.

RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit — at no charge: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/egs18/thirteen

During this unparalleled 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Practices for viewing yourself & your life through the lens of the nine types
  • How to use shadow aspects of each type as a catalyst for personal & spiritual growth
  • Ways to transform the fixations (or addictive behaviors) of each Enneagram type
  • Self-love practices that correspond to each of the nine points on the Enneagram
  • The vocations, professions, and careers that are most suited to each Enneagram style
  • Inspiration, insight, and grounding to help you face the most disturbing, toxic, & shameful aspects of your life
  • Each type’s gifts & shadows involving money
  • Strategies for meeting challenges around success, loss, & aging
  • An understanding of the most common triggers for each type and how to consciously respond to them
  • How to use the higher aspects of each type to raise your level of consciousness
  • Differences between the internal & external expressions of the nine Enneagram types
  • Neural pathways… how to create more of the ones you want & fewer of those that don’t serve you
  • How to transform your relationship with the inner critic

And much More!

If you’re new to this powerful system, the 2018 Enneagram Global Summit will guide you to the best tests and practices for determining your individual type — including ways to differentiate between “look-alike” types.

You’ll start working with the core patterns of your type and begin to connect with the parts of yourself that allow you to respond to life spontaneously and creatively.  

If you’re already well-versed in the Enneagram, you’ll take your work with the Enneagram deeper — empowering you to make YOUR contributions to the world! You’ll fine-tune your understanding of how to use the less balanced aspects of each type as catalysts for personal and spiritual growth — and how to use the higher aspects of each type to raise your level of consciousness.

If you want a greater connection with your unique gifts, as well as with more self-acceptance, self-love and compassion for others, join us and the amazing panel of presenters for this life-changing event.

RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit — at no charge: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/egs18/thirteen

Here’s just a little sampling of what our speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Claudio Naranjo will illuminate the fixations of the various Enneagram types  and offer ways to break out of those addictive behaviors so you can be free to be express your authentic Self.
  • Russ Hudson will highlight the Law of Three (a concept that’s core to the Enneagram), which examines the relationship between practice and intention, and receptivity and letting go — showing how these seemingly contradictory parts of us can come into balance and take us to the next stage of development.
  • Helen Palmer will discuss how the Enneagram field is now ready for collaboration on a unified vision and effort — explaining why this is an important and empowering evolution, and suggesting some steps toward manifesting that vision.
  • Cheryl Richardson will illuminate ways to use the Enneagram for making challenging transitions in your life, especially those around success, loss, and aging.
  • Dr. Dan Siegel will share how the brain science and Mindsight understanding around our inner work with the Enneagram can help open up infinite possibilities for the human species.
  • Katie Hendricks will explore how, beyond the gifts and limitations of your Enneagram type, your essence — the core of your being — will always shine through.
  • Robert Holden will highlight nine spiritual practices on self-love that correspond to each of the nine points of the Enneagram.
  • A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) will articulate qualities of nondual consciousness, and how it is can be lived and expressed in a human life.
  • And host Jessica Dibbs will offer a special message honoring David Daniels, who passed away a year ago — sharing about his final book (currently in its completion stages) and how his work still impacts the Enneagram field.

RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit — at no charge: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/egs18/thirteen

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