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A completed teleseminar to download : Enhancing Inner Guidance

Enhancing Inner Guidance

Living an Inspired Sacred Life and Expressing More of Who You Are

A 6 Week Audio Journey With Akashic Reader, Meditation Guide, and Healer,
Shivrael Shannon Brophy

Recorded from September 22, 2016 to October 27, 2016

An interactive six-week audio course with support, guidance, instruction, new tools to transform your life, interaction, co-creation, healing, sacred space, and more



Inner guidance comes to each of us as messages from our soul and higher self that is connected to source. Hearing, feeling, sensing and interpreting our soul’s purpose helps us express our authentic self in service to the world and to live from our highest passion and inspiration.

Inner guidance can be as simple as excitement we feel about something. It can be physical as bodily sensations like tingles or “truth chills.” It can be visions that can be interpreted as encoded information. It can be instructions and answers from aspects of us that already know how to do something, or the information we need in our life.

We will learn how to receive more and better guidance and how interpret the guidance we receive.

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Q&A Call with Shivrael Shannon Brophy

Recorded on September 1st, 2016

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You’ll have access to the full library of audio recordings – plus Handouts

Cost : $149 USD

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For more info email at css.teleseminars@gmail.com

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