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SIGN UP NOWlogo.bgd.SMS.300ppi.print.roundSTARGATE  Mystery School (since 1994)  Starting March 5th, 2015 !
Series of five retreat weekends designed to provide an integrative, psycho-spiritual experience. The Stargate class draws upon breathwork, transpersonal imagery, sound, meditation techniques to access non-ordinary state of consciousness! Pre-registration by February 1st. 

This class fills quickly so register early.
Learn more here…


   Watch the Stargate Mystery School Testimonials VIDEO

Q&A call with Wendy Cummins ~ January 29, 2015 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Join us – January 29, 2015 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm- for a special live
Q&A call with Wendy Cummins,
Teacher in the Stargate Mystery School.

If you have questions about the Stargate Mystery School, don’t miss this call!

To register, click here.

Welcome to the Center for Sacred Studies

The Center for Sacred Studies is dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on
collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings.

The seeds of the Center for Sacred Studies were first planted in 1995 in our intentional community, Kayumari. We joined together at that time to live together, to raise our children, to create a safe place for prayer while nurturing our relation to the Divine and to this wondrous creation.

Our non-profit root, the Center for Sacred Studies, took hold in 2001 to protect our ways of prayer. This created a collaboration with the Global Community to serve our Earth-Based Initiatives, to honor our ceremonies in our Sanctuary, and to inspire with our Global University through our Ministry and Educational programs.

We continue, through the decades, to unite with people in many countries around the world  growing our prayer for the next seven generations!

Join us on this sacred journey as a walking prayer for Mother Earth.

Global University : Prepare yourself to improve the Quality of Life in the World


MTP LOGO ROUNDThe Ministry Training Program – a 2-year online program with two tracks, Auditing or Ordination. Register for the new training starting in May 1st, 2015! See the Ministry Training Program Information page

videoWatch the Center for Sacred Studies Ministerial Training Program Intro VIDEO

logo.bgd.SMS.300ppi.print.roundThe Stargate Mystery School – a five-weekend residential program that explores non-ordinary states of consciousness. Register for the new program starting in March 5th, 2015! See the Stargate Information page.

Tlogo.bgd.CSMS.300ppi.print.roundhe Children’s Stargate - four-days retreat – Our Elders tell us that those closest to Creator are the children and the elders. Registration open for the new program in August  3-6, 2015!  See the Children’s Stargate Information page.

Maitri Breathwork Certification Training - a 2-year program (instructional and practicum) in the techniques of Maitri breathwork. See the Maitri Breathwork Information page.

The Wisdom Bridge is an international educational initiative that, through the wonderful technology of tele-seminars, makes far-reaching wisdom accessible to people around the world. See the Wisdom Bridge Information page.


Questions? Call for more information: (209) 533-8809 or send an email to centerforsacredstudies@gmail.com

Earth Initiatives : What we are doing in the World

Unity Concert roundThe Unity Concert for the Black Hills Initiatives. On September 13th and 14th, 2014, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, thousands of people converged for a UNITY CONCERT — bringing together Native American tribes with those on the right side of justice to return the guardianship of the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation. See the Unity Concert for the Black Hills Initiatives Information page.

video  Watch The Unity Concert September 13-14 2014 Presentation Video

Camp liberia roundOur Fiscal Sponsorships: Camp for Peace Liberia - Education and Rehabilitation Project for marginalized youth in Liberia;  Turtle Woman Rising –  committed to create one million dollars drums for peace action; mä creative inc.Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence For All Creation project; The Peace of Tibet Stupa Project -  to construct a Stupa in a rural Tibetan village. See the Fiscal Sponsorships Information page.

alliance roundAlliances: WaterSongLine Council - founded through the coming forth of a vision of  an international bringing together of all those souls and spirits praying for the healing of our Mother Waters, and working towards a healed earth. See the Alliances Information page.


Seeds for Peace and Unity: The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. See the Seeds for Peace and Unity  Information page.


Donate  : How you can help

Make a donation today. Your donation supports our common prayer for peace and unity, and makes possible the worldwide efforts of our staff and volunteers. See the make a donation today page.


Give a gift: Support the Camp for Peace Liberia helping 50 young people whose lives were shattered by 14 years of devastation and again, the deadly Ebola Virus. See the Give a gift page.


css chalengeCSS Challenge. Play the game of giving, how big can you play? Give back to the Center for Sacred Studies. So that the good work can continue! See the CSS Challenge Information page.

Support a project: mä creative inc and The Grandmothers Wisdom multimedia project. Turtle Women Rising and One Million Drums for Peace project. See the support a project page


MTP_Collage_14 round


How to get involved. Join the Volunteer Program. See the how to get involved page.



Teleseminars: To help people unlock their latent potential

The Wisdom Bridge is an international educational initiative that, through the wonderful technology of tele-seminars, makes far-reaching wisdom accessible to people around the world. See the Wisdom Bridge Information page.


Offerings from the heartOfferings From the Heart, a Membership Circle Teleseminar – Discover how to stay centered in your heart, release what no longer serves and move into your authenticity as we get connected and hold each other in a space of solidarity and unity. See the Offerings From the Heart Information page.


Our Affiliates : The Shift Network, UPLIFT and HuAffiliatesmanity’s Team - From that creative cauldron, we are discovering what new possibilities emerge when we unify our visions and actions for the greater good of all. See the Affiliates Information Page.


Community : Let us work together for Unity & Love

Kayumari-in-the-Wildwoods roundKayumari in the Wildwood: The Sanctuary program and Love in Action Offerings. Together, we have built a community of people devoted to living with open hearts and awakened minds. The Kayumari in the Wildwood has been opened in our new location at Wildwood Foundation in Sonoma County. See The Kayumari in the Wildwood Information page.

Guerneville Center: Tguerneville2 rhe Center for Sacred Studies Center in Guerneville in California –   a lovely town on the Russian River, about two hours north of San Francisco – offers weekly workshops and classes. See the Guerneville Center Information page.


NeNews from our frindws from our friends. Our community Town Crier: Newsletters, Posts, Articles from our community members from all around the world. Stay tune! See News from our friends page.


bg_web roundEarth & Spirit Store. Welcome to the Center for Sacred Studies Earth & Spirit Store.  Our intention is to bring you Sacred items and tools of healing that connect us even deeper to the Divine.  See the Earth & Spirit Store website.

shopping on lineOn-Line Shopping:  AmazonSmile and Igive. Raise money for Center for Sacred Studies when you search or shop on-line! See the On-line Shopping Information page.



Questions or concerns? Contact us at centerforsacredstudies@gmail.com
or (209) 533-8809.

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