Sophia’s Body: Seeing Primal Patterns in Nature Book

A beautiful, full-colour, large book that will inspire nature lovers as well as art lovers. Dr Ralph Metzner says, “Rowena Kryder has shown once again that she is one of the foremost visionary visual artists of our time. Her painter’s eye for the beauty of nature, melded to a mind attuned to sacred geometry, shows us the secret formal symmetries in animal, plant and mineral life. ‘Sophia’s Body’ is a paean to the goddess, a celebration of beauty and delight for the eyes of wonder in all of us.” Part 1: ‘The Language of Nature and Spirit’, a colorful introduction to 16 basic forms; Part II: ‘The Metamorphosis of Sophias Body’, is a combination of two forms and illustrations demonstrating how the forms work in Celestial Phenomena, Minerals, Flowers, Edible Plants, Sea Creatures; Part III: ‘The Permutations of Sophias Body’, as combination of the 16 forms.


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