EARTH DAY Recording

Wisdom keepers together using our online network,, to plant the seeds for a living, thriving, regenerative Earth in order to sustain life as it should be. Elders of the world carry wisdom from the ancestors as a remedy for this time on Earth, to listen and feel what is happening , and take action. This SEEDS and Voices of Gaia broadcast, recorded live in celebration of Earth Day 2021, with some of the most respected Elders of the world, originated from the U.S. West Coast in collaboration with SEEDS: The Regenerative Renaissance; Hypha Ltd, The Fountain, Hubcast Media, Future Is Now, dSTUDIO and WeWorld along with many performers, musicians and activists who lead movements to save the water, to teach us about grace and persistence, who call upon ancient wisdom to help us all know the way and take action. Our new platform is a network created to support the communities of the world and the storytellers tasked with capturing the true story, cultural wisdoms, and inspiring generations of planetary regenerators.