A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ The Osun Prophecy with Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis ~ August 28, 2019

Our call this month is called “The Osun Prophecy”. Many in spiritual circles are wondering what our times hold, how to really help and if the help we are giving is enough. Recently, Yeye Omileye had a detailed prophetic trance vision from Osun, where a disaster was detailed out, along with the solutions. This vision seems to come on the back of another historic prophetic trance vision from Osun Yeye Omileye had in 2017 which sent her to look for “The Oracle”, who turned out to be Kuten La, Tibetan State Medium of the Nechung Oracle. Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu detail out both trance visions, how they are connected, their importance, the solutions which have birthed from these visions and the important role of the Mother Goddess in saving our world.


Omileye and Olu suggested we pass on the audio link to you of this prophecy which was just received. It might help facilitate the discussion on our call. Here is the link to the Osun  Prophecy audio link (Osun-Mamaki-Tsunami-msg)




About Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed

Yeye Omileye is often called an old soul in a modern world. She is a writer, Osun and Ifa Priestess, and fifth generation African Caribbean Wisdom-Keeper from her paternal side. As a trauma-informed psychotherapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mindfulness trainer, school counselor and SEED Social Justice and Racial Equity Facilitator - she expertly unifies the seemingly divergent fields of neuroscience, Social Justice, and ancient wisdom to help individuals, communities and our Mother Earth maintain balance.

Known for her accurate visions, Yeye Omileye has been recognized by her elders in Africa as a Crown and Yeye Osun and in 2018 she was recognized  in a ceremony held in Dharamsala, India, by Kuten La, Tibetan State Medium to the Nechung Oracle, as an embodiment of the Water Mother and Oracle of Osun (Mamaki).  On a final note Yeye Omileye is completely dedicated to uplifting the suffering of our humanity through the path of the Mother Goddess.

Chief Olu Derrick Lewis

Chief Annikinikun Derrick Lewis is a Duke Graduate, IT Project Manager, spiritual teacher, diversity facilitator and master drummer. "The longer I have traveled my spiritual journey I have developed a deep and profound respect for the feminine principle and Mother Elements who sustain us.  Along with my wife, I am the co-founder of Humanity4Water Awards and was invited to the United Nations. I have taught mindfulness seminars, trauma seminars and engaged in water blessings all over the world.  My ultimate goal is to help us return back to the deep peace, oneness, balance and love that we are."







Thank you to all this was profoundly helpful. - Anonymous

I loved it! So pertinent to what\'s happening. So good to be on a call with people who are caring about the same things- sharing heart space, hopes, and prayers with each other.  - Shauna

Presenters and guests were very wise, earnest, committed, conscious, loving humans with an important message well-delivered. - Durgama