A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ For Unity and Peace: Center for Christ Consciousness with Donna D’Ingillo, Deborah Goaldman, Bonnie Klatt and Leoma Sparer ~ December 20, 2018

This will be the first of calls that will now be scheduled once a month including different facilitators each time, so that we can offer a diverse dialogue.


We are hoping to hold a focus of the Now!
What is happening and what can be our response.
How is this walk, a prayer in motion for unity and peace.
What is the shadow that has been brought out in our collective for healing. How can we stay fully present as we follow the guidance of prophecy that comes to guide us through these times.
Witness the many Divine channels that are intervening now to help us.


Please join us to meet our guests from "Center for Christ Consciousness" with Donna D'Ingillo, Deborah Goaldman, Bonnie Klatt and Leoma Sparer. www.ctrforchristcon.org


"What we would like to offer for this collaborative community meeting, is to inform people about the massive re-connection of our world, to the greater universal family of love and the Divine Personalities of our Spirit Parents, who are implementing a healing and transformational program through humans."

"We would also like to provide a meditative experience with our Divine Mother and allow Her to speak through us, to calibrate those on the call to Her higher vibrational presence, which evokes a healing response in mind and body."

- Donna
Center for Christ Consciousness
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