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Center for Sacred Studies : STARGATE MYSTERY SCHOOL

Stargate Mystery School is an alchemical process that meets you where you are and helps you to realign with your soul’s purpose to be your most authentic self.

Connect deeply to your essence and deeply to the Earth and all her beings.  Learn and practice all this in the beauty of a creative, collaborative and supportive circle community.

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Exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness ….



The Stargate Mystery School will be located in Northern CA, Guerneville Area, in Wildwood Conservation Foundation & Retreat Center.

5 extended Week-Ends, from Thursday to Sunday. Each week- end will focus on the step it takes to bring vision into reality. It is going to be an alchemical process…

#1 – Preparation :   December 7-10, 2017 (in Guerneville Area)

#2 – Purification :  February 1-4, 2018 (in Guerneville Area)

#3 – Initiation :  May 17-20, 2018 (in Sonora Area)

#4 – Integration :  July 5-8, 2018 (Prayer Fast – stay over Sunday night) (in Guerneville Area)

#5 – Actualization : September 6-9, 2018 (in Guerneville Area)


$2950 Tuition + $495 R&B (each time) =$2950 + $2475 (R&B) = $5425
(Payment options available)


Call Valerie Hausmann  at 707/604-7362 or email css.stargate@gmail.com

Jyoti, CSS Spiritual Director, talks about Stargate Mystery School:


Crédits : Devanath / Hungary – Pixabay

“It gave me the tools to stay open to follow that guidance…to do it despite the fear and know that I’m held in a good place… To have this family to come back to and my teachers who are just incredible spiritual mentors.  I feel so grateful to be able to learn from them and to be able to learn with my peers…and grow into this family…and know it is so safe.  Whatever kind of healing needs to be done this is a safe place to do it.” J

This class is a series of five retreat weekends
designed to explore the realm of subtle energies through experiential processes. The Stargate curriculum draws upon breathwork, transpersonal psychology, sound healing, and meditation techniques to delve into the Mystery.

This study group will help you to connect with the heart of your soul and water the seeds of awareness that are already within you.  We create a safe container for you and your spirit to connect and begin to have relations. This safe place allows for deep healing and exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.

As you become more aware of your unconscious behaviors you are then able to make conscious choices.  Stepping out of any falsehood that we’ve created enables us to move through any fears or insecurities that may arise in order to embody the magnificent beings we truly are and live more consciously and joyously. This is a process that facilitates the path of discovering one’s own gifts.

Each weekend focuses on a process that taps into deep evolutionary energies empowering your innate abilities to remember skills that embody the language of your soul.

Crédits : LaughingRaven / Byron Bay/Australia – Pixabay


“Stargate brought forth in me more of who I am, how I serve the greater good, and what I can do to make a difference in this world. This mystery school offers core personal insights, deep healing and lifelong friendships… I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about growing into wholeness and living in Joy.” TR

Watch the Stargate Mystery School Testimonials VIDEO:

Learn to listen to your body, your heart and the Earth through Earth-based teachings.

Crédits : Activedia  Okan Caliskan  Pixabay

Listen the Q&A recording call with Wendy Cummins :




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