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On-Line Ministry Training and Elder Wisdom

Click below to watch an introductory video from CSS Spiritual Director Jyoti:

– Are you a natural mentor?
– Do you love to be of service?

You can become a Minister of Prayer.

*** Registration open!! ***

The next Ministry Training program will begin in May 2019.

The Center for Sacred Studies ordained 22 new Ministers of Walking Prayer in April 2018. These amazing ministers create a network totaling 227 Ministers around the world.  We give thanks for all those that contribute to the program from the Instructors, the Elders, the Mentors, the Weavers and all who hold this program to make this offering.  Thank you to Hanayo, Sonja, Margin, Valerie, Trish and so many of our Ministers!! We are honored and inspired by each of you!
With love and humility, Jyoti, Darlene & Wendy

Welcome! Becoming a Minister of Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS) prepares one to assist others as they move through the many transitions of life. Directed study creates the opportunity to explore specific methodologies, practices, theories, traditions, beliefs, and philosophies, as well as allowing for the integration of individual spiritual experiences. In addition to developing the skills and knowledge to act as a support to others, this process is designed to enlighten an individual’s practice of worship and daily living—for the purpose of living life as a “walking prayer”.
Individuals who successfully complete the course of training can be ordained as a Minister of Prayer, and will be qualified to conduct ceremonies, facilitate study groups, and mentor others in the process of spiritual growth unique to each individual.

Substantial Offering

Areas of Study

The two-year online and on-site program consists of 22 monthly instructor’s audio and video modules, four breathwork workshops, and two five-day retreats held at Wildwood Retreat Center, about 2 hours north of San Francisco in the beautiful coastal redwoods.

Each full-time student has a Mentor, and there are two hour-long conference calls per month: one with the instructor, and one with the CSS Spiritual Director, Jyoti.

Elder’s Corner

The Ministry Training Program also include 22 Teachings and Stories from our Elders around the world.

Staff and Instructors

Learning Options

The Ministry Training Program has two tracks – auditing and ordination. The ordination track requires monthly written essays and active participation in the monthly calls and assignments. The auditing option has reduced requirements and does not lead to ordination, but auditors still have access to all the audio and video content.



 Our Philosophy

Being a Minister of Prayer denotes a practice of walking in the world in dialogue with Creation. This approach is one that is gleaned from the teachings of the “Original Peoples”—who related to the world by “listening” to the world around them as a form of guidance from Spirit. From this perspective, everything is considered as an expression of Spirit. This is a way of being that values being led by the heart, rather than the head.

The teachings and ways of The First Nations Peoples have been passed down from generation to generation, and link us with the forces of the Earth, the fundamental laws of Nature, and the original wisdom teachings—which are based on respect for all Life. The prevailing worldview of contemporary society is to look at the world through a materialistic lens—one that is competitive and wants to acquire things—a worldview that is based on fear rather than love.

The Minister of Prayer curriculum has been consciously designed to transform this lens of perception into one that returns the individual, and thereby the collective, to the “original matrix”—one that dialogues with Creation as a way of life.  This is a process that facilitates the path of discovering one’s own gifts of healing, what the Original Peoples call one’s “medicine”. This is a perspective that views every being as a unique herb in the garden of Creation. A perspective that encourages one to cultivate that herb—to follow the Spirit of their true Self—and to, ultimately, actualize one’s Self.


 Ministry Training Program Graduates 2016 – Making a Difference in Their World-Wide Communities

*If you are employed by a company that offers tuition reimbursement, the MTP tuition may be eligible for that program.  
Please contact your benefits coordinator.

Have a listen to our  Q & A Evening with CSS Founder Darlene Hunter!
Version 2

CSS Executive Director Darlene Hunter

We had a lively discussion of all the beautiful aspects of the Ministry Training Program. We received good questions from our callers and such wonderful sharing from our Graduates of the program.

A good time was had by all!

Ministry Training Registration

More information:  Email at
css.ministrytraining@gmail.com or call 877-822-4914

Thank you CSS for creating such an incredibly valuable program. My heart is awakening and my consciousness is expanding through these sacred teachings. May we all awaken to this call for peace and unity. Blessings to you and all the teachers.  Lauren – CA

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