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Jyoti Ma, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook, Shii Tuii Chadbourne “Star People Contact” The Harmonic Convergence 2020

The Harmonic Convergence 2020 – Day 10: Expand into Universla Harmony – Calling upon the Star People for Collective Content 10am Maria Paula & Amandine Roche “Cultivating a Higher Piece” 11am Mark Sims “CE-6 Meditation” 12pm Mark Sims “Tezjbar on Expanding into Universal Harmony” 1pm Maura Hoffman & Shanna Fae “Behind the Scenes” 2pm Kirar…

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Jyoti Ma – “Sacred Economics” The Harmony Convergence 2020

Jyoti Ma is joining The Harmony Convergence “Sacred Economics” panel at 5pm PST.

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A Prayer Blessing with Jyoti Ma

Elder Jyoti Ma shares a meditation to the great Mother and leads prayers for the emergence of a new dawn for humanity. June 19, 2020 Global Days of Unity  

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A Universal Message – Eng. Sub – Short Film by Varial* Feat. Mindahi Bastida

A Universal Message – Eng. Sub – Short Film by Varial* Feat. Mindahi Bastida from Varial Cédric Houin Filmed by Varial* Produced by Edith Soto. Featuring Mindahi Bastida Muñoz The time has come for us, it is a great opportunity, this systemic crisis that affects everyone has been created by us, it is not anyone…

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Exciting Update on the Pulse from Source – Jenny Schiltz

Exciting Update on the Pulse from Source by Jenny Schiltz | Jul 7, 2020 | I wanted to give a quick update of the Pulse from Source. If you haven’t seen the latest blog post it can be found here: One thing I wanted to clear up is this is not the Solar Flash…

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Kayumari birthday! — A story of remembering, honoring and celebrating our walk together…

KAYUMARI IS 25 YEARS OLD!! A story of remembering, honoring and celebrating our walk together…. 25 years ago, in June of 1995, after several years of meeting as a community, we arrived on top of a crystal mountain. Our new homeplace was 160 acres surrounded by national forests in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada…

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Podcast: Wisdom from our Elders with Sally Kempton, Jyoti and Mac Macartney

“Let us step into our unity, into our truth of being. Let us focus on that which is calling us, and stand firm in the action that it asks from us. It’s an exciting time, not an easy time. It’s a time of brilliance, it’s a time of endings and beginnings and it’s our time,…

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Wisdom Keepers – We Are Listening

Vimeo | Treetops Productions Wisdom Keepers – We Are Listening | Reigniting the Ancient Ways. The Wisdom Keepers provide a platform for Elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and Wisdom traditions around the world to share their wisdom at an experiential level and to collectively bring about a more conscious, peaceful, and sustainable world. Wisdom…

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Guardian of Life gathering at Ekskäret Island

Vimeo | Visionary Films Stockholm Guardian of Life gathered elders and leaders from indigenous cultures from around the world to talk about how to live in harmony with nature, ourselves and mother earth. How can we expand our perspectives and mindsets and start caring for all life on earth? Produced by Visionary Films Stockholm

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