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Spiritual Awakenings International Conference 2021 Videos

Spiritual Awakenings International™ Conference 2021 VIDEOS “Bringing us Together”™ Spiritual Awakenings: Bringing Us Together As a Global Spiritual Family Saturday June 12 – Sunday June 13, 2021 All the SAI Conference 2021 videos are now posted on the Spiritual Awakenings International website for all to view for FREE – on the “Videos” page, under the…

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[Recording] “Return to Balance: Ceremony live from the Himalayas Global Prayer ” with Healing Master Bonpo

Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution to the beautiful call on June 25, 2021, with Healing Master Bonpo, “Return to Balance: Ceremony live from the Himalayas Global Prayer “. The Center for Sacred Studies & Society for Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom and Healing are honored to be holding this sacred time with…

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World UNITY Week 2021 June 23 -25 with The Fountain & The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations

World UNITY Week 2021 June 23 -25 With The Fountain & The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations. Watch the videos

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EARTH DAY Recording

Wisdom keepers together using our online network,, to plant the seeds for a living, thriving, regenerative Earth in order to sustain life as it should be. Elders of the world carry wisdom from the ancestors as a remedy for this time on Earth, to listen and feel what is happening , and take action….

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Lecture of Angaangaq on occasion of the world Woman’s Day March 8th 2021

In this talk Angaangaq is honouring women and the significance of women in society on the occasion of Women Day. Angaangaq has grown up in a matriachal society and is calling for honouring women in our modern days and to create balance between men and women on all levels, like equality between women and men,…

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Jyoti Ma’s Video Prayer for International Women’s Day Event March 7th 2021

International Women’s Day – Feminine Wisdom/ Grandmothers Wisdom Event by Rosita & Pepa These times need feminine wisdom, more than ever. To balance and heal the world’s pain, caused by long time patriarchy. What can grandmothers’ wisdom bring to the world and leaders? What can wise women and grandmothers of today wish for and…

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Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops Narrated by Richard Gere

The Earth is warming the Earth. In this series of five short films, learn why natural warming loops have scientists alarmed-and why we have less time than we think. Subtitled in 20 languages.

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Many Fires, Many Voices, for One United Earth

seeds.liv An 18-hour multi-dimensional live event & experience. To empower our selves and our children, we gather the stories of all Earth’s Peoples and lineages, so that We, Humanity, may re-learn how to live in harmony with each other and the natural world. 1:54:00 Message: Uncle Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq (Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland) More Sacred Threads!

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End of an Age (Celestial Transmission) Video

End of An Age (EP) ~ New release from Anima Sound Medicine End of an Age EP As we approach December Solstice 2020, with prayers and deep love, we share our new EP offering.   “End of An Age” is a soundscape & spoken word transmission; a prayer to uplift our frequencies and help us…

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Open Council: Ancestors and descendants calling for Ecocide Law

Young generations are calling for extraordinary actions, for the world leaders to stop ecocide and unite us all in understanding that we share one Earth. Original Peoples from all over the world are reminding us that we have lost the original instructions on how to live in harmony with Creation. Now is the time to…

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