Teresa Klein

Minister of Walking Prayer, Feather Clan 2014

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Gardens de Vine and PLOT Sharing Garden and Newton Medicine Wheel

The PLOT Sharing Garden would not be classed as a business per se, rather an inter-generational, intercultural and inter-philosophical gathering place where interactive community building events are held. Teachings and healing circles occur in tandem with and under the mentor-ship of Cree Elder Amy Eustergurling aka Cree name Manchew Squao or Earthworm Woman. The Solstice and Equinox are observed along with other occasional ceremony to honour the elements, water and other specific healing needs.



Skills/Specialization: Ritual, Mentor-ship and Nurturing Community through work at Medicine Wheel and in a Commons area Sharing Style Garden. Officiating Weddings and Celebrations of Life.

Will also travel: Internationally

Fluent in English