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Alchemist Chamber Orgone Pyramid Giza

Each Pyramid has 5 Herkimer Diamonds, 1 Lost Cubit Spiral, 1 Lost Cubit Coil, and 24k Gold Flake.  Each
pyramid is
4.5 inches at the base unless otherwise stated.  We embed a dome inside the Geometry of the Giza
Pyramid for added energetic benefits, creating a device within a device.

The Angels and Masters of Heaven have recently explained how our devices can assist us in soul awareness. If
you already have at least one of these devices, keep in mind that the frequency is there waiting for your intention.

***This explanation may be revised as this topic evolves.***

Our pyramids, Ceremonial Wands, Altar Plates, Capstones, and Feng Shui Pyramids are included in this
category. All of these devices, have other pieces embedded inside them.

We will use the pyramids as an example.

Each pyramid has a dome (which also helps ground the energy), a Flower of Life, a Seed of Life or a
combination of those embedded inside the Giza Sacred Geometry.  The geometry of the Giza pyramid is what
most people know as The Golden Ratio or Phi.

Phi is found everywhere in our Natural world.

We also use Lost Cubit Coils which harness a specific cosmic frequency that assists in clearing debris from our
DNA.  We use other lengths too, upon request, but all of our devices include the Lost Cubit length.  This is also
where the torsion or spin is enhanced.

The Orgone Technology creates zero point energy.  It has many names in our culture including kundalini, source
energy, chi, life force, etc.  Orgone is also an amplifier for the technologies and or properties that are within the

By combining all of these together, and WITH OUR INTENTION to do so, assists us with soul awareness.

One example we can use to illustrate soul awareness is with people who have had a near death experience.
They have died and come back to their bodies, piercing the veil of their ego construct (limitations) and by doing
that, their DNA was instantly upgraded.  Some of the abilities of near death experiencers include psychic
awareness, telepathy, clairvoyance & clairsentience.

Many people have reported these same abilities once they have introduced orgone into their environment.

We do not need to have a near death experience to have soul awareness.  Yet in our world today, with our busy
minds and the extraordinary amount of emf energies created by our technologies, there is more debris between us
and the veil , which is why we need a little assistance.

This is what the Angels and Masters of Heaven shared about the combined energies:

“The combined domes, zero point, torsion field, and the sacred geometry create a FREQUENCY that clears
away debris and enables soul awareness which brings peace and soundness of mind for making choices from


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