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  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    This is a treasure for me. It’s much more beautiful than the photos depict. It vibrates with sacred energy.

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Miraculum Mala Faceted Rose Quartz “Beloved”

Miraculum Mala

Reverend Jewels Hayden

Minister of Walking Prayer

Center for Sacred Studies


Your handmade Mala is a sacred tool and container created to store, hold and transmit your visions, dreams and prayers. The synergy of your chosen crystals, silk thread, prayer knots, guru bead and tassel, combine to amplify your intentions and cocoon you in a loving, healing and transformative field of unified coherence.

Your Mala is traditionally handcrafted by overhand knotting between each bead. Each knot is sealed with the Mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hum”. A Mantra acknowledged to contain the entire transmission of the Buddha’s teachings within it.

When you first use your Mala you should reconsecrate it with your chosen mantra, affirmation or intention. Often referred to as a ‘sankalpa’, it is an intention formed by your heart and mind, a solemn vow, determination or will. Thus you will be harnessing universal energy to support and focus you and harmonize your mind, body and spirit.

Your Mala is a consecration of your divine purpose and a collaborative process between all the elements, human, elemental and Divine.

Whilst many meditation and yoga practitioners use Mala in their practice, simply wearing or holding the Mala whilst taking a conscious clearing breath will reconnect you to your sacred intention helping to bring you back into a state of balance, coherence, peace and calm.

My role as artist and medicine woman, in the creation of this sacred tool, is to help support and guide you in crystallizing that which is already contained within your heart, thus reconnecting you with your inner knowingness and spiritual purpose.

Reverend Jewels Hayden

Also known as ‘Solitary Bird’ by her people

Minister of Walking Prayer – Frog Clan 2012




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