Magick Tarot: A Journey of Self-Realization

Author: Magick Altman

You have a role to play in the theater of life. Magick Tarot will draw back the curtain of your personal story revealing all the characters, actions, and emotions that spotlight your life lessons and how to grow into your full potential. Employing Jungian archetypes, Astrology, Numerology and the Kabala as different lenses, you will see an authentic reflection and acquire the specific tools you need to evolve.
Magick Tarot is unique in the field by also giving you insight into the socio-political realm and how to be most effective as an activated participant on the world stage. This book is a 21st century take on the ancient art of Tarot, exceeding old gender, class, and national limitations, by looking at the world as one community on the cusp of a new consciousness that sees all life as interconnected.

About the author (2016)

Magick has been a practitioner of the Tarot for over 30 years. She teaches, lectures, and writes about this amazing tool. Her writing reflects her card reading style which is packed with stories and anecdotes that make her wisdom very accessible. Magick is proficient in the use of Astrology, Mythology, Archetypes, and Numerology. Her motto is “The soul rejoices in hearing what it already knows”. She spends her time between Sebastopol and San Francisco where her three daughters and grandchildren reside.


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