Lyla Sofía Márquez M.A.

Minister Training Program Registrar

Lyla is a trauma-informed Spiritual Counselor with over twenty years of experience working with children and teens through the process of art. She is an artist and teacher, with a master’s degree in Spiritual Counseling and East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), weaving expressive arts and journaling into her work with her clients. Lyla also supports individuals with the integration of expanded states and recovery from trauma. Her work is supported by her practice of earth-honoring ritual and prayer, grounded by her devotion to the Mother. In addition, Lyla attended the Ministry Training Program with the Starseed clan of 2022 and serves as the Registrar for the Ministry Training Program (MTP) at the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS).


“After my own healing crisis, I moved through a dark night of the soul, where I discovered trauma was at the heart of suffering. I pledged to serve, assisting others on their path to self-reclamation. I believe education is a significant factor in emotional wholeness and utilize it as a tool to guide my clients into becoming their own self-reflective witness.”