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Our Story

     Many winters ago, I was pregnant and feeling creative and deadicated to hand-making all of my holiday gifts.  So I got a big pot of beeswax, some flowers I had pressed, and started dipping in my kitchen.  The response was inspiring.  With the support of family and friends, my cottage creations grew into a sustainable adventure.

I am still at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, hand-dipping each candle in the sacred beeswax and growing, picking and pressing each organic flower.  So every candle is made and packaged with care and intention and a bit of my son’s energy – when Janga was about two, he came out back and sweetly told me “Mommy, you’re making laughing candles,”   –And so we were named.

The benefits of beeswax have been celebrated for hundreds of centuries. It’s simple elegance and ionic properties have attracted purveyors of beauty and those committed to a healthy environment -beeswax has been found to clear the air of dust and particles that irritate allergies. Give thanks to the bees for cleanburning, Long lasting, sweet smelling candles with a warm honey glow.



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