Rev. Jennifer Waterstar Hensiek

Minister Training Program Registrar

Rev. Jennifer Waterstar Hensiek is an ordained minister of Her Walking Prayer class of 2016 and a graduate of the Stargate Mystery School. Her journey into healing childhood and multi-generational trauma has created a deep love for assisting others on their path to self-realization. She has supported her community by holding circles and individual healing sessions in Northern California since 2011. Jennifer’s background consists of training in Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Spiritual Counseling, and Emotional Processing Techniques. She is a channel and caretaker of Maya who communicates and accesses the healing energy of the Earth. Her professional background in architecture and design provides a window into the technology of turning vision into creation. Jennifer is in service to the Divine Mother and humbly approaches life in reverence to the one consciousness that connects us all. Jennifer is also an artist, an author and a mother of three.