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Alchemist Chamber Orgone Pink Charging

These Lost Cubit Mini Plates are a great introduction to the coils as well as orgone.  Each plate has 24k gold
flake, one Herkimer Diamond, a lost cubit coil and are 3 inches in diameter.

We decided to make these so you could experience, first hand, the subtle energy clearing that takes place when you
place a crystal on the surface of the plate.  You will visually see any cloudiness in the crystal clear, often within
minutes.  The skin of the crystal will begin to sparkle like it is wet.  Crystals absorb negative energy in our
environments, which is one of their purposes.  But when they are full, they cannot do their job.  This is why it is
important to clear them.  With these mini plates, your crystals will remain clear, protected, and charged at all

You can place medications, oils, flower essences, and water glasses on these as well.


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