A Focus and Restore Salt for Bath or Shower

For showering AND bathing! Center your mind, open your chest, and breathe wholeheartedly with Sensational Salts RESTORE + FOCUS No. 2. Zingy notes of lemon eucalyptus, white camphor and may chang refresh the moment and your sensibilities. A hint of lavender for the transitions and a few months of hibernation ripens it to readiness that serves. Second only to WARM, FOCUS eases inflammation and uniquely greets the moment with distinction.



  • Excellent for studying and meetings
  • Detoxifies, nurtures and conditions skin
  • Deepens breathing and revitalizes respiration
  • Deodorizing, antiseptic and tonic
  • Insect repelling

Designed for practical maintenance and dreamy staycations, Sensational Salts are good clean fun. No need for soap: salts and oats have been cleansing humans for millennia. Plus, mineral-rich Real Salt® is free from contact with manmade pollutants. You’ll feel the difference.


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