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Practical Spirituality

8 Teachers for Navigating Life with Grace and Power

A 6 Week Audio Journey with Staci Boden, Earth-based Healing Practitioner, Energy Teacher and Author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways

An interactive six-week audio course with bonus videos, guidebook, individual support, community building and more…

 Recorded from April 14 to May 19, 2015


What is Practical Spirituality?

Practical Spirituality integrates earth-based and feminine wisdom ways with everyday modern living.

How do you cultivate peace in the middle of a traffic jam? How can a job search become a quest for meaning? What gives you strength in the midst of divorce, financial strain or a potential cancer diagnosis?

It begins with letting go of a dualistic either/or reality to create an And world.

With Practical Spirituality, daily life becomes a spiritual training ground for growing a relationship with the unknown mystery.

The heart of Practical Spirituality rests in letting go and following energy.

Letting go means releasing attachment to aspecific outcome as well as the fears, hopes and expectations they carry inside.

Through letting go, you open. You become teachable. This creates room to follow something bigger. You can follow anything--a relationship, cause, decision, job or prayer.

As you really let go and follow, shift happens to create new beginnings. Magic enters your life. You realize something more precious than a certain outcome: your own wholeness and power.

Meet 8 unique teachers for following energy...

Over 15 years ago, Staci Boden, earth-based healing practitioner and energy teacher, began working with individuals and groups who were unfamiliar with following energy.

To bridge the gap, eight teachers emerged as a way to develop a co-creative relationship with the mystery in daily life: fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, intention and surrender.

These teachers aren't human, but they are dynamic doorways for awakening consciousness. Through them, you can begin to follow energy and activate And living.

Your journey begins with choosing an intention to follow-strength, balance, gratitude, fertility, creativity, presence, trust. You decide.

Week by week, interacting with these teachers will challenge, inform and enliven your intention. In the end, you'll connect with a spiritual practice that can carry you through anything , because it lives inside.

forward-412761_1280 roundThis course will teach you how to:

Begin a conversation with your soul by activating an intention

Connect with eight foundational teachers to consciously navigate life

Gather at least one new insight about fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy, intention and surrender

Identify which teachers stand out in your life, calling for more attention

Recognize synchronicity as a daily guide and trail of meaning

Follow energy with love, humor and wisdom in a down-to-earth manner with Staci Boden

Experience a new spiritual practice to access more healing power

Practical Spirituality:

8 Teachers for Navigating Life with Grace and Power

An interactive 6-week Audio Course with bonus videos, guidebook, individual support, community building and more.

Course Tuition: $129

  Recorded from April 14 to May 19, 2015

Course Materials & Bonus Gifts You'll Receive

• Six weeks of Staci Boden's 90-minute audio teleseminar which includes teachings, practices and lively conversation. These calls will be recorded live and will be emailed as yours to keep.

• A 7-minute Grounding Guided Visualization downloadable mp3 created by Staci Boden.

• Your own Inner Doorways Workbook, a downloadable PDF containing the exercises and practices from Turning Dead Ends into Doorways.

• A 30-minute one-on-one call with Staci to integrate your learning experience (tba by each participant).

• Access to a private Facebook group to answer questions and build community.

• Weekly email support with Staci.

Other surprise gifts, just for you, arising from following the energy of the class.

Your Life Guide, Staci Boden
Staci Boden is an earth-based healing practitioner, energy teacher and author of Turning Dead Ends into Doorways. With over 15 years of experience, Staci teaches individuals and groups how to follow energy and navigate life. She is a certified Doula with a Master's in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies.
Her group facilitation includes Maitri Breathwork™, 7Directions™ Dance Ceremony, and ongoing women's circles. Staci also co-facilitates Maitri Breathwork Facilitator Training, a two-year certification with the Center for Sacred Studies.
Individual sessions include personal process, guided imagery and energy work addressing anxiety, life transitions and relationship issues. Visit Staci at Dancing-Tree Consulting.

"Staci does not lead you into deep places unattended." Anna C.

"The support and unconditional love Staci provides has given me a space to grow into my life. The lessons of the eight teachers and learning to, 'lean in, follow the energy, trust myself and grow a relationship with the unknown' has empowered me to heal from life-threatening illness, recover from PTSD, find the love of my life, and take the steps towards my true life calling." Jade L.

"Staci is the real deal. Where other practices I've tried have been mere saccharine, her teaching is sweet honey, straight from the bee. She is a spiritual midwife, holding you in her arms as you are delivered from the pain of the past. I will give you this warning: Do not step into this process with Staci unless you are truly prepared to awaken that which has been sleeping, deep inside of you, for far too long." Jenny B.

6 Week Journey Outline

Highly Recommended Before Week One!

•Purchase Turning Dead Ends into Doorways by Staci Boden available in paperback or ebook via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indie Bound.

• Read the first two chapters (about 30 pages)

• If possible, create some sacred space in your home and add a white pillar candle. No need to get fancy with a big project. You can start simple to cultivate a gentle beginning

• Reflect on making relations with the unknown mystery as if you were meeting a potential new friend. Notice what comes in without judgment.


Week One: Entering the Unknown with Practical Spirituality
Our journey into the unknown begins with a grounding meditation to create sacred space. Staci will share how Practical Spirituality found her and offer some signs and guideposts for mapping the unknown mystery.

We'll discuss what it means to let go and follow energy. After addressing questions or comments, we'll identify your intentions. Then Staci will facilitate a guided visualization to activate individual intentions before completing together.

In this session you will:

• Experience an earth-based grounding meditation

• Connect with Staci as a sister-guide for navigating life

• Discover a key for exiting Either/Or realities to enter an And world

• Explore elements for creating sacred space and energetic protection

• Recognize the power of synchronicity as a guiding light

• Meet eight teachers for noticing, holding, sitting-with and following energy

• Identify personal intentions

• Practice a guided visualization to activate intentions

Week Two: Fear as an Alarm Clock for Awareness

Our second session focuses on the power of fear to become a light switch for developing awareness. After grounding, we'll discuss how fear tries to keep us safe by keeping us small with resistance and barking dogs.Staci will offer a guided visualization to explore fear in relationship with your personal intention. And we'll draw upon your experience to transform fear into a source of awareness.

In this session you will:

• Share initial insights from following your intention

• Explore fear as a cast of characters in your life

• Practice guided imagery to identify fears relating to your intention

• Discuss awareness in light fear

• Activate the power of noticing

Week Three: Choice Transforms Victimhood into Empowerment

In our third session, we'll ground and then explore choice as a conscious relationship with conflict. Staci will introduce a tool for shifting paradigms developed through the Center for Sacred Studies.

This method, "the Triangles", teaches us how to transform prescribed roles into co-committed relationship with ourselves and other people.

After discussing the first two triangles, our guided visualization focuses on your intention in relationship with choice. There will be space for questions regarding choice, as well as fear and awareness.

In this session you will:

• Connect choice with conscious conflict

• Discover a life-changing tool, "the Triangles", developed by the Center for Sacred Studies

• Notice which prescribed roles you gravitate towards

• Discuss practical guidelines for transforming victimhood in relationship with yourself and others

• Relate the triangles and choice with activating another level of your intention

Week Four: A Conscious Body is Intuition Incarnate

After grounding, our fourth session discusses body and intuition as essential teachers for the everyday practice of navigating energy. As the gatekeeper of life and death, a conscious body is a tuning fork for self-realization in daily life.

To support discovery, we'll share personal stories that illustrate body as a teacher. From there, we'll connect body sensing with accessing intuition in an approachable way. Our guided visualization will focus on integrating fear, awareness, body, choice and intuition with your personal intentions.

In this session you will:

• Share how body has awakened your consciousness in life

• Notice which of your senses are louder than others

• Recognize your body as a tuning fork for sitting-with, holding and following energy

• Realize that access intuition means practicing trust

• Discover how awareness, body, and intuition can unite to sort through fear and activate choice regarding your intention

Week Five: Following the Energy of an Intention in a Practical Way Everyday

This week we arrive at a "whole enchilada" spiritual practice. This is where the sh#@t

gets real. Noticing fear and cultivating awareness helps you remember choice and body wisdom.

You can sense intuition and practice following the energy of an intention.

After grounding, in this session we'll explore the experience of following energy. This will help contextualize what staying behind and getting in front of energy is really like in daily life.

We'll also discuss navigating subtle energy through the body.

Our conversation will then flow into a deeper understanding of intention as the root and the tip of following energy.

Finally, we'll invite the energy of our intention to get a little wild with song and movement.

In this session you will:

• Realize how the teachers form a foundation for following energy inside and throughout daily life

• Discuss the felt experience of following the energy of your intention

• Explore flow and stuckness in terms of subtle body energy work

• Connect synchronicity with flow and intention

• Notice how your personal intention and root intention may relate

• Reflect on activating your intention in daily life

• Discover how relaxing into holding an intention expands your capacity to receive

Week Six: The Other Side of Surrender is Rebirth

In our sixth and final session, we meet surrender, a big mama, and enter the deepest part of navigating the unknown. We'll ground with fierce love and humility, and embrace surrender as a developmental process for consciously moving through death.

You will cultivate eagle vision to realize that through growing a relationship with fear, awareness, choice, body, intuition, energy and intention, you've been practicing surrender all along (spoiler alert!).

Staci will offer a practice to experience surrender as allowing. We will leave time for questions and personal processing as a way to gather lessons and insights from following our intentions.

In this session you will:

• Explore surrender as a process of letting go, allowing and standing with death consciously

• Reflect on one thing you've learned in relationship with each of the teachers

• Gather what following your intention has been showing you inside and throughout your life

• Realize you've grown some sea legs for navigating energy--hey you're doing it, right on!

Course Tuition: $129

 Recorded from April 14 to May 19, 2015

your-heart-string-881083_1280 roundMore Praise for Staci:

"Practical Spirituality came around at the perfect time for me to journey with each teacher as doorway to greater self-knowledge and insight. Focusing on an intention became a guiding light for showing what was in our way of accessing higher states. With the powerful sacred container held by Staci, support from fellow travelers and additional materials from Staci’s book, I had everything I needed to dive deep. Feeling lovingly held in this process, I learned to walk with practical steps over thresholds into new ways of being.” Mary M.

"Practical Spirituality is a journey that lives up to its name, making spirituality real and activating your next level of potential. I had so many breakthroughs during this class it made my head spin in the most beautiful of ways. Staci is a truly gifted teacher who always calls in a powerful circle of students, I encourage anyone (especially you!) to take the first step on this rewarding path.” Jenny B

"Practical Spirituality is a foundational, life-skills course. Staci Boden simultaneously explains a simple and ever available path to navigating life on life's terms AND facilitates participants through direct experiences of the tools and guides she discusses. She creates an incredible safe space for self-exploration, for harnessing resources, for honing skills, and for connecting all of this to daily life.
This course is a fantastic introduction (for those new to this work) and deepening (for those who've been involved in personal inquiry for some time). The "8 Teachers" provide a framework for tracking and for attending to one's self. Each offers a set of awarenesses and tools which can allow us to inquire into our lives in a way which restores freedom and choice, even in the midst of great challenge. These guides have supported me in living with more integrity, showing up more fully in relationship, taking risks, freeing myself of destructive patterns, and learning how to navigate life with a sense of graceful power. I am so grateful for this work and to Staci for the care with which she carries and shares these teachings.
I have worked with Staci over many years. It isn't really possible to explain briefly the depth of her capacity to hold people in their process, through the waves of life, with such careful attunement and mirroring and gentle guidance. She ever so patiently helped me reconnect with my strength, trust myself, and walk with a real sense of my inherent capacity to choose life, which I had all but lost." Carlee S.

"Staci holds sacred space better that anyone I have ever experienced." Velma G.

"With Staci I've begun a journey into my own truth - one I've been afraid to take for this entire lifetime. But it feels as though she holds my hand and grants a space where I can come to trust my own instincts, intuition, and wisdom. When I'm overwhelmed I can rely on the tools I've found instead of various addictions. This is the most worthwhile work I've ever done." Diana C.

"Where do the Priestesses go when we need support? We go to Staci." April T., Teacher and Priestess

"The unique earth-based, wise-woman energy therapy that Staci offers has allowed me to sit with and move through some of the most difficult transitions in my life with awareness and grace. Her sessions are just the right combination of talk (checking in), bodywork and assessment. I always feel seen, held, and lighter afterwards." Hannah E.

Staci & Roxie


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