Ministry Training Program  -  Enrollment Process

The Class of  2025 starts this June 8th, 2023!

We are at a time of great change on the planet. Old systems are collapsing everywhere we look and all paths are guiding us to the original ways of living sustainably and in relationship with Mother Earth. The ones being called to this path are working together to dream a new world into being. A world where imagination, intuition and compassion are vital skills in working together to bring this dream into form.

If you hear the call to join us on this mission, welcome to this prayer! We would love to hear from you to continue this conversation! Registration is open until May 24th, 2023 with class starting June 8th, 2023.

Full two year tuition price of $6,995 - $3,498/year

$500 deposit to reserve your spot!

Questions? Send an email to  Registrar Lyla Marquez
Phone: +1 (808) 378-1987

 *If you are employed by a company that offers tuition reimbursement, the MTP tuition may be eligible for that program.  Please contact your benefits coordinator.

The Ministry of Prayer Training Program is a two-year course. Classes begin in June 2023 and continue until the end of April 2025. After completing all of the modules, each year concludes with a five-day retreat in Northern California, held on-site in May.
Students are required to attend two Breathwork sessions per year. Breathworks occur several times throughout the year and are offered at many different locations. We assist you in finding options in your local area.

All Application and Registration Documentation and Deposit must be submitted by May 31st, for your June Orientation call at the beginning of the month.  Processing of an application requires a non-refundable fee of $45.00, and registration requires a non-refundable deposit of $500.00. Upon acceptance to the program, the application fee and the registration deposit are applied to the remaining tuition balance.

If you are interested in joining this year’s class, please follow the process of enrollment as detailed below.
Should you have any questions, just send an email to Registrar Lyla Marquez at Phone: +1 (808) 378-1987


The Ministerial Training Program of the Center for Sacred Studies considers all applicants equally and is accessible and inclusive to all interested applicants. Sexual orientation, gender identity, race, culture, disability status, learning differences, or any other factors are welcome. Applicants are encouraged to share their needs for accommodations and their pronoun preference in advance during the application process.

All information you provide is kept confidential.

Flexible Options. We offer two options for enrolling in the Ministry Training Program:

(1) the full two-year course -‪ $3,198 to $3,498 per year (‪ $6,395 to $6,995 in total - breathworks and retreat fees are additional);

(2) the Auditing option $1500 per year, ‪$3000 altogether. ‪No early registration discount. The Auditing Option has reduced requirements does not lead to ordination, but auditors have access to all the audio and video content. Flexible payment plans are available.


Full two-year course

Application Class 2025

1. Applications must be completed and submitted along with a non-refundable $45 application fee.

MTP 2025 Application form to submit.

CSS MTP Application 2025.PDF

CSS MTP Application 2025.DOCX

Download CSS-MTP-Pamphlet PDF

Please note: There is a $45 non-refundable processing fee for each applicant.  We will process your application when we have received your application fee.

When your application form is completed and the application fee paid, please send your form by email to registrar Lyla Marquez at with the subject line: "Application Information for ________ (your name)". Thank you!

Registration Class 2025

2. Upon acceptance to the program, you will then need to complete the registration form and Release of Liability (accessible by clicking the link below), and submit this along with your $500 non-refundable Registration deposit.

MTP 2025 Registration form to submit.

Full two year tuition price of $6,995 - $3,498/year




Please note: Attending this training is a significant commitment of time and resources, so do take your time with the decision. We want to be certain students are aware of the many considerations of attending, and make it our priority to be available to assist in this process.

You can use the “Pay Now” button below to pay your $500 registration deposit using a credit/debit card.

When your registration form is completed and deposit paid, please send your form by email to registrar Lyla Marquez at with the subject line: "Registration Information for ________ (your name)". Thank you!

Payment information

Tuition and fees for the full two-year course range from $6,395 to $6,995 USD (depending on the date of registration). Classes begin on June of each year.
Per year, the cost is $3,198-$3,498, depending on when you apply. Tuition and fees can be paid yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.
Teaching Seminar (Breathwork) fees depend on the facilitator and the location, and average $170-$200. Transportation expenses and study materials are not included.
Upon acceptance, a $500 non-refundable USD deposit fee is required. See “Refund Policy”, below.

Payment options:
Payments can be made yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. Your registration deposit and application fee are credited toward your tuition payments once you are fully enrolled.

Refund Policy
Your $500 deposit is non-refundable.
You are registering for a two-year program and tuition commitment. If you decide to leave the program during the first program year, then you are obligated to complete the payment schedule for that year.

For second-year tuition, if you notify us of your decision not to continue the program by June 1st (BEFORE the commencement of the second year classes), then you may withdraw without any further financial obligation. Once the second-year program has begun, your payments remain payable for the remainder of the year following your selected payment option. To receive ordination, all tuition and fees due must be paid by the end of the second year.

We understand that circumstances may arise, which could make it logistically challenging for you to continue the program. Your holistic well-being is an integral part of this program, and therefore it is our policy for withdrawing students to meet with our Educational Program Director before exiting. Our policies are designed to clarify the commitment that you and the Ministerial Training Program have to each other.

Please use this button to pay your tuition:

MTP Class 2025 Tuition Payment

Auditing option

Auditing Tuition  is $3,000, $1,500/year. Registration by May 24th 2023.

‪No early registration discount.

The Auditing Option has reduced requirements does not lead to ordination, but auditors have access to all the audio and video content. Flexible payment plans are available.

Note: Anyone considering auditing needs to have a phone/zoom conversation with the Registrar to be sure they understand what will be different about auditing, especially students overseas. Send an email to the registrar Lyla Marquez at to set up a call.  Thank you!!

Ministry of Prayer Auditing Registration and Fees Form.



Most frequent questions asked

How long have you been a school?
The Center for Sacred Studies has been incorporated as a non-profit since 2002; the Ministry School opened officially May 1, 2007, and graduated its first class in April of 2009.

Who is your credentialing body?
The state of California, who named us a 501c3 nonprofit religious institution.

Are you actually accredited and if so with whom?
Yes, a Certificate of Ordination from our school, which is recognized as a California 501c3 non-profit church, entitles our graduates to act as ministers. Graduates of this school have performed weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. Usually, some paperwork is required with your local or provincial licensing body as the final step in legally recognizing the ministerial function. We are currently working on the Canadian recognition of our Ministers through affiliation with other organizations already recognized in the various provinces.

Exactly what title do we graduate with if going the ordained route?
Minister of Walking Prayer

Are there other requirements beyond this program that would be required to become ordained? 
Complete all modules and reflection papers; attend both retreats; complete 2 breathworks per year; maintain monthly phone contact with a mentor.

How many students sign up each year?
30-35, including full-time students and auditors.

Where do these students come from?
The majority of our students come from North America and Canada, however, we do have some students from other countries.

Is there a way that I can speak with students who have graduated from your program?
Yes – we can arrange for you to make contact with one of our alumni and/or current students and one or more will contact you.

During the retreat weeks…what exactly is taught?
Retreat weekends consist of breathwork, group bonding exercises, and the chance to reflect on and integrate the teachings up to that point. The second retreat weekend is graduation and ordination. The retreats are an important aspect of the training in that they provide the experiential component, and for this reason, greatly enhance the alchemy of the shared process. They are required, and unfortunately cannot be substituted if there are limitations with travel.

Is there a general kind of estimate regarding time commitment?
The biggest time commitment is reading. If you are an avid reader this may not be a consideration. The paper requirement is minimal. The papers are a response to the teaching in the monthly module and are intended to be short and reflective (500 words max). A few hours a week to absorb the teaching and reading. More time allows for deeper immersion.

When are the conference calls?
There are one to two one-hour group conference calls a month – they are typically scheduled on weeknights and generally on a Tuesday through Thursday of the week, at 6 pm PT/7 pm MT/8 pm CT/9 pm ET. They generally fall during the second and third weeks of the month. This is something to consider if you are overseas in Europe or other continents. (It may be middle of the night!) It’s a great way to feel connected to your classmates so you may want to shift your work schedules to be available for the calls. However, we record all the calls and upload them to our school site so you can listen to them when you are able.

Will there be book purchases?
A reading list is provided upon registration. In general, there is one book assigned per month, and some instructors refer to the books as important to the teaching while others use them more loosely. Most of the books can be purchased on Amazon, and some can be found at your local libraries. Do consider this again, if you are attending from another country as not all the books are in PDF or online reader formats. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to assist with book purchases.

If one decides to audit the program, can they go back later and do further work and be ordained?
This is an option, but we’ve realized that those who are auditing miss out a lot on the integration of the teaching via the papers, interactions with mentors, and the retreats. We have had a few students who make this choice part-way through the program. The student who chooses to do this is then required to pay the difference in tuition fees to make this switch.
Note: Anyone considering auditing needs to have a phone/zoom conversation with the Registrar to be sure they understand what will be different about auditing, especially students overseas. Send an email at to set up a call.  Thank you!!

Who are the mentors?
Our mentors are selected largely from members of the community who have been through our Ministry Training Program and are very eager to serve students as Mentors. They are matched up with the students based on location and professional/personal interests (as best as possible). Students connect with their mentors once a month for a 45-minute call. Mentors are there to support the student’s process during the two-year training. It’s a very important aspect of our program and greatly enriches the experience.

Are there any other fees other than tuition that I should be aware of?
As for tuition, the breathwork and retreats are at additional cost. The last year's retreat fee was $810 and this includes tuition, room, and board for a Thursday eve to Monday morning retreat at a Retreat Center located in Guerneville, CA. Its located about 2.5 hours outside the city of San Francisco, so there are expenses for travel to include. Breathworks average between $170-$200 for a day-long workshop and this cost depends on the facilitator, location, and the number of staff, participants, etc. Depending on where you are located, you may have to travel to attend breathwork.