Mothership Program: New Moon Circle with Stephanie Eskins | Tuesday, December 12th at 11am PT (2pm ET)


Join us monthly on the new moon to celebrate the energies that are alive and active in us and in the cosmos. Held on or right around the new moon, these virtual Circles will offer you an opportunity to drop into yourself, set intentions for the coming month and align with the current cosmic transmissions. Held by a rotating group of people, each month will offer a new perspective on this lunar moment. Sometimes ritual, sometimes galactic moon teaching, sometimes Munay Ki transmissions, every month will offer a chance to go deeper into connections with the rhythms of the natural world. Don’t miss this special opportunity!

About Stephanie Eskins Gleason:

As a Minister of Walking Prayer, education and outreach consultant, and lifelong learner, Stephanie is passionate about supporting her own and others’ gentle, conscious awakening and our ways of honoring Mother Earth and all her creations.

Whether her clients are organizations or small groups, she helps them cross the sky bridge with the quantum leap that occurs when we say “Yes” to our gifts and interconnectivity. Stephanie delights in offering a variety of ceremonies and creating transformational practices for herself and others. She spends most of her time in the forests of the Piscataway people in Virginia and on the beaches of the Pocomoke and Assateague Nations in Delaware. She walks the Beauty Way and hopes to walk with you.

→ Deepen your connection with the cosmos and align with the rhythms of nature

→ Explore the energies of the new moon

→ Set intentions for the upcoming month

→ Experience a variety of perspectives and practices

→ Harness the power of the new moon and connect with the natural world

→ Rituals, Galactic Moon teachings, and Munay Ki transmissions.

→ Meditation & Prayer

→ Q&A

→ Live-call every New Moon of the month

→ Receive the recording

→ Access the New Moon Circle archives


Save the date : 12th of December at 11am PT (2pm ET) with Stephanie Eskins be continued in 2024


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