Kurikindi’s Message


Kurikindi has shared with us about the worry he feels for the new generations, that are our kids, and he considers this to be a priority in these times.

He shares about the Eagle – Condor Prophecy and how this vibration of this prophecy is very high right now in South America.

He understands that the prophecy is given but it has not been fully or deeply understood yet, so after the encounter of the Eagle and the Condor occurs to bring harmony to the Earth, there will be an encounter of the Condor of the Earth and the Intergalactic Eagle, and that will be another era.

He explains it exists now a very high vibration that is occurring in the Amazon, and many portals are now being opened in South America, and a lot of the new beginnings will come or start in the South of the Americas.

Kurikindi shares that the Covid19 has affected the planet and this too will pass, but another one will come (another virus) stronger than this one, and so we need to get prepared, we will have enough time for that, he says, because when the other one comes, even the strongest will succumb and it will be a time of much death on the earth.

The seeds have been planted, but many of them need to be constantly watered so they can develop, and that is why now we as humanity are feeling the element of the Water moving so strong.

Kurikindi shares he is very clear in what he says, that he can see all of this he is sharing very clearly.

Kurkindi feels that today things are very different, they have shifted, and the voice of the jungle and of the mountains of South America will come out with great strength to the world, that is his vision.

Thank you.

Traduction by Eleonora.