Jyoti Ma’s Video Prayer for International Women’s Day Event March 7th 2021

International Women's Day - Feminine Wisdom/ Grandmothers Wisdom

Event by Rosita & Pepa https://www.facebook.com/rositapepawisdom

These times need feminine wisdom, more than ever. To balance and heal the world’s pain, caused by long time patriarchy. What can grandmothers’ wisdom bring to the world and leaders? What can wise women and grandmothers of today wish for and need? How can we connect the wisdom of the past to the needs of the present and future?

We will tap into the collective wisdom of our grandmothers and wise women, weaving the web of wisdom from past to future, contributing to build a better world for all generations to come.

We will explore 4 themes that will helps us go back to our roots, plant a seed, create awareness:
- Grandmother's memories
- Wise women and Grandmothers of today
- Grandomthers archetype (nature, community, reciprocity, ancestral medicine, senses, cooking and more)
- Today's work and projects inspired in our Grandmothers and ancestors, and including our elders and wise woman in society.

Some of our amazing speakers:
Jyoti Ma - internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She was the creator and organizer of the 13 Grandmother Council. She is the Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies.
* Abi Denyer-Bewik - Representing Treesisters organization www.treesisters.org<http://www.treesisters.org/> . She will also have a session about her work inspired in Ancestral Feminine Wisdom, around Feminine Cycles.
* Margery Bray - Author and Singer from Scotland. Her work is to spread the ancestral chants and oral traditions, and she is recording a collection of funeral chants , croons, and soul transition sounds from her ancient tradition in Scotland to serve in the processing of grief .
* Quanita Roberson - Spiritual teacher, coach and Shaman that works with leadership/rite of passage journeys and healing trauma. www.nzuzu.com/about
* Elaine Dinos - Founder of Kindred Lane. Her work with organizations and leaders is all inspired in her Grandmother and ancestors. www.kindredlane.com
* Kristin Engvig - Leader and Founder of WIN Conference https://www.winworld.global/home/page/global-winconference . She will share the story of her ancestors and how this inspired her work.
* Nikki Luna - Director of https://www.timeofthesixthsun.com/
* Nilima Bhat - Author and leader of Shakti Leadership https://shaktileadership.com/ Sharing her work and story, and also her mom will tell us her story.
And many others.