We wish you a Happy Holy Season!


Dear Friends and Relations,

It is in this sacred time of year, the time of the Solstice, that we are asked to pause, to stop for a moment.

A time when we release what no longer serves, what we see breaking down all around us and  then welcome in the light and the new cycle.   We are reminded that underneath the challenges and the chaos, new seeds have been planted that bring change and possibilities. As we welcome in the full light, we envision a future for ourselves and our world where we honor the Earth and All Her Beings!


Celebration!  We celebrate each of you and give great thanks as we look back on 2022 with gratitude! For it is through your presence, your devotion, your donations, volunteering of your time, your encouragement and your Generosity of Spirit that continues to keep us moving forward in offering our programs during these challenging times when many have had to close their doors. We give great thanks for you! 


Gratitude!  We continue our collaboration with the Global Community to serve our Earth-Based Initiatives, through the work of the Fountain which gives voice to  the elders through the Mother Earth Delegation; to inspire through our Global University with our  Ministerial and Educational programs; to Engage through our MotherShip offerings; to pray through our PrayerLine Ceremonies; to encourage the voices of our Youth and make a seat at our table; and to sustain individuals and communities around the world through the CSS Center and Earth & Spirit Store; and to honor our ceremonies and land within our Sanctuary!


We take this time to especially give thanks for the work of our devoted staff, contractors and volunteers, who have updated, created, revised, revamped and rejoiced to share all the offerings in 2022.  Truly devoted and creative beings that continue to show up, volunteering much of their time!  We give great thanks for you! 


2022 & Beyond 

CSS Center and Earth & Spirit Store 

Thank you to each and everyone who  continued to support The CSS Center and the Earth & Spirit Store over the past year.  Through your purchases, we have been able to contribute over $40,000 to the livelihood of many in communities around the world,  helping  to sustain  cultures, artists and customs enhancing  a way of life Globally.  We’ve done this through some extraordinary different concepts this past year, expanding private online individual shopping experiences with Valerie, and this year, we had our first online E&S Shopping Extravaganza on Giving Tuesday. What could be better - The Earth & Spirit Store models sacred economy; reciprocity and collaboration with the Earth and all of her beings. Valerie


Communications Circle

This year has been a year full of discovery, wonder and creativity. We are finishing up with beta testing our new Learning Management System for Global University.  Working with each Circle is truly an honor.  This year has proven again and again to bring new and different experiences for everyone who has participated in all our programs.  The Communications Circle - Margin, Lucy Baird and Miguel de Lara - has initiated a spirit identity study; an inquiry into the essence, attitude, purpose & direction of CSS. We believe that to fulfill our missions we can inquire into defining our core essence. In other words, cohesiveness and clarity for why we exist. We have created some questions to support this process and co-created a sacred template which can inform all aspects of CSS. From this amazing study, we created a new design for the overall presentation of CSS to the world: posts on social media, fliers, and a new website that will be up this next year. Stay tuned for more details in the new year! Margin


Community Engagement

Mothership Offerings

This year saw a new role and new seat for me within the CSS framework. What a blessing to get to know the inner workings of this organization more deeply and to contribute my vision and skills to mapping out new and more varied ways for us to connect with our larger community. Through helping to build out and design the Active Ministry program, expanding our Mothership program options - and even unexpectedly getting to travel to the Czech Republic and meet our Kayumari community over there - this year has provided many opportunities for me to support further engagement with our growing and devoted global community. Thank you so much for supporting me in this new role - I look forward to more fun in the year ahead! Tatiana


Youth Seat

Hello to all! My name is Emma Rose, a twenty one year old from Minnesota. My journey with the Center for Sacred Studies began in 2013 when I first attended the Children’s Stargate program at 12 years old. I returned every year until I was 17, and I looked forward to it each summer. My experiences and connections with the community and Spirit led me to create a new seat in our circle designed for youth representation. It is my honor and privilege to hold this seat, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be of service. I am working with several different circles within our community to increase engagement amongst the teens and young adults within our community and those who have yet to discover the magic of the Center for Sacred Studies. We are also devoted to revitalizing the Children’s Stargate program that will educate our young ones, provide them the tools to walk through life guided by our principles, and create lasting memories. My main goal right now as the Youth Seat holder is to connect with the youth already present within our community. Meaning if you have children, teens, and young adults that could benefit from being a part of a community led by youth, for the youth, please reach out to me! I look forward to growing this seat and expanding horizons. Thank you. Emma


PrayerLine - Our PrayerLine was active as we held Prayers for Peace for Ukraine; held your prayer requests and held ceremonies online, finishing this year with a wonderful Celebration of Joy and Gratitude!

Send your prayer requests to:   or call for support: 502-702-7729 (PRAY)


Global University

What an amazing 2022 here at CSS Global University. As the year comes to a close we are looking forward to all that is coming in 2023.  Susan


Ministry Training Program

Class of 2025 - Registration is open for the class of 2025, with the class beginning June of 2023.   Please join the Q&A zoom sessions with Darlene, staff and a few ordained ministers once a month, from January through April to hear more about the program. Sign up now for the early bird tuition discount until January 15th!

A huge thank you to Margin and Carmella Granado for all the work they have done to get the new  Student Portal up and running.  The new system will make everything easier for the MTP students and Active Ministers.


Class of 2022 - We completed a 3 year process of updating the Ministry Training Program.  The class of 2022 newly ordained ministers of walking prayer are the first class to go through the program with the new updated material.  Congratulations to the “StarSeed” clan, class of 2022.

A very heartfelt Thank You to Maya Hensiek! As our MTP Registrar, she walked with grace and fortitude through unique terrain as the class walked through prophetic times, a program update, covid and fires. She was a  gentle sturdy post for the students to contact and lean on.

We are very happy to have Lyla Marquez, a PhD candidate and a deep ceremonial woman, as our new MTP Registrar!


Children’s Stargate - More and more are asking for the Children’s Stargate again this year.  We are collecting the team and will be working with our Youth Director Emma this next year.  Please let us know if you are interested.  It takes a village, so parents are needed too!


Silent Retreats - We are very excited  to announce that there will be a Silent Retreat  in early spring 2023. This Silent Retreat Offering is a beautiful rejuvenating experience. More information to come in January.


Stargate Mystery School - The 10 month journey of Stargate has begun as of December. We are planning for more Stargate programs, will keep you all posted.



Hummingbird Sky Island - Jose Munoz, a Mayan Timekeeper, and his community are now stewards of the land we called Kayumari Crystal Mountain! After many years, we are very grateful to have this beautiful community to arrive and manifest their dream that brought them up the mountain!   We are also touched and grateful that they have invited us back up to offer our teachings and ceremonies again.  We have begun our community building and collaboration with the opening of our Stargate Mystery School  up on the land again this year!  We are looking to see what magic is unfolding in this new joint field!


We deeply thank you for all your continued support for the Center for Sacred Studies and The Fountain. We are blessed with a generous community who, even in the face of uncertain economic times, have remained unwavering in your support. Thank you for your continued contributions to the Center for Sacred Studies!


We are humbled and grateful to be walking this road with you. May your loved ones and your communities be held with joy, love, and light during this Holy Season and throughout the New Year.


With deep appreciation and gratitude,

 Audrey, Darlene, Jyoti and the staff at the Center for Sacred Studies