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Sacred Rose with Rev. Celeste Yacoboni July 15, 2020

A Meditation on The Voice of the Feminine



A Meditation on The Voice of the Feminine

Seeking to find a tether to keep you grounded in this chaotic time? Draw upon the inspiration of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, She who hears the cries of the world. She has shaped our voices for millennia as a constant source of perseverance during the most trying of circumstances. She will tether you in the storm of chaos as she has done for thousands of years for people all over the world. Join Reverend Celeste Yacoboni in chanting her mantra and sitting in the presence of Kuan Yin in a guided meditation, freeing yourself from anxiety and being cleansed by her witness. She breaks the spells of silence and invisibility so you can relate to yourself and others with compassion instead of fear or anger.

Rev. Celeste Yacoboni, Minister of Walking Prayer, Serpent Clan 2011

Over the past forty years, Celeste has helped people break the spell of invisibility to speak from a place of power, compassion, and confidence. An author and ordained minister with a specialty in spiritual direction, Celeste facilitated collaborative conversations with 129 diverse religious, spiritual, and activist international leaders to produce her first book How Do You Pray? Celeste maintains a private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she integrates her mastery of a number of healing arts while supporting clients through life’s transitions. Her work includes a special focus on survivors of domestic violence, helping restore trust and a sense of safety for these clients. She offers weekend intensives and individual coaching sessions. Please visit www.HowDoYouPray.com