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Sacred Rose with Rev. Zahra Indigo Ronlov November 18, 2020

Sacred Heart Synchronization


How do you connect to your heart?

November 18th will be fifteen days beyond the US presidential elections. Regardless of the outcome of those votes or who thinks who should hold power for this nation . . . benefit will come to have a moment to breathe with our hearts.

Zahra Indigo will guide us in a Sacred Heart Synchronization to help re-calibrate our balance and harmony during these interesting times. As we enter into a connected Heart Unity, we arrive fully embodied and present to receive the much need wisdom for the collective. This wisdom in turn aligns each of us with the truth of each moment, providing everything we need to show up, pay attention, and choose those choices that help co-create our coming existence in a regenerative and harmonious way.

Rev. Zahra Indigo Rønlov, Frog Clan 2012


Zahra Indigo Rønlov MA holds a master’s degree from Naropa University in the field of ecopsychology and a teacher’s certificate for Waldorf Education. She is a minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies and a member of Nicki Scully’s Lineage of Thoth. The healing form she studies, practices, and teaches are Alchemical Healing. Additionally, she is an artist who explores the mediums of paint, stone, wood, clay, fibers, and ritual.

Since 2012, she has spent in total over two years in Egypt learning about the ways of the people of today while studying the ways of the ancients. When there, she has led hundreds of sacred pilgrimages in groups small and large, initially through Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. and then under her own company Mysteries of Egypt, LLC, which offers a sacred journey in the ancient land of Egypt. While there, she offers her service as the founder of the non-profit, Zahra Handworks Foundation. It provides enrichment, education, and tools to women in Egypt with a focus on the importance of working with one’s hands.

Additionally, Zahra Indigo is the owner of a small organic blueberry farm in Oregon called Royal Blueberries. With approximately 25,000 lbs. harvested each year, Royal Blueberries grows some of the best blueberries in the universe, or at least according to some of our loyal Pacific Northwest customers!

More about Zahra Indigo is available on her website: http://sacredwitnness.us





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