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Sacred Rose with Rev. Tracy Rich December 11, 2019

Welcoming Yourself Through Chanting and Meditation

Rev. Tracy Rich, Firebird Clan, 2018

A time to inquire within to connect to parts of yourself that are ready to be welcomed more fully. The call will include a guided visualization, chanting (in English) together, and a short sharing circle to integrate and connect what arises.

My life story has been woven through a deep exploration of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, soul development, the natural world, and Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, and earth-based religious traditions. I have responded to the call to offer a whole human approach to healing and growth that weaves and integrates a multitude of spiritual practices and ritual offerings, holding a lens of social justice throughout.

I am part of the Firebird Clan, ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies in April 2018. I also received certification as a Chanting and Meditation Leader through Rabbi Shefa Gold/Aleph in 2014. In addition to offering groups and classes in spiritual development, I work with vulnerable mothers in Boston through the Visiting Moms program at the Center for Early Relationship Support; my own mothering path has informed much of the past 30 years of my life as well. For more info: www.welcomingjourney.com