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Sacred Rose CONCERT with Rev. Tatiana Berindei June 17, 2020

Virtual Concert for Troubled Times

Tatiana Berindei-Water Clan 2013

One of the ways Tatiana is known to pray is with her voice. On this call, Tatiana will be offering a virtual concert of songs that she has written, as well as songs she has not but loves just the same. Tune in for a moving hour of beautiful music.

As the Creative Director of Super Power Experts, host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show and a Super Power Program Guide, Tatiana uses her years of deep spiritual study and practice to guide people into a more heart-centered way of living and being. Committed to practicing synergistic collaboration, Tatiana’s work with SPE fulfills her deep desire to create lasting, positive change in our collective psyche. When she’s not knee-deep with SPE, Tatiana can be found with her family and friends, digging in the dirt, sitting in a ceremony, singing to flowers (and people) and shouting from mountaintops.