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Sacred Rose with Rev. Monica Rosas May 20, 2020

Manifest your Future Self

Rev. Monica Rosas, Feather Clan 2014

During this time of great change and challenge, join Rev. Monica Rosas in this upcoming Sacred Rose offering to call upon your future self to gain insight and healing. Through guided visualization and prayer our intention will be to optimize our current self through the divine help and guidance of our future self. This sacred work will be followed by a short sharing circle to help us integrate our newfound wisdom as a community.

Mónica Rosas is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Fertility Coach, and Minister who provides earth-centered ceremonies, circles, coaching, and card readings. Her 15 years working in the public sphere as an educator, artist, and community organizer also helps to inform her spiritual work. A Divine Feminist at heart, she helps women concerned about our earth’s well-being achieve their life and fertility goals in healthy and sustainable ways. She believes that by connecting to the ‘magic’ found in every day through ritual and energy medicine we can create world change on a social and ecological level. She is passionate about being an instrument of peace and wellness in the world, devoted to service to all beings of the earth through prayer and sacred activism. www.monica-rosas.com