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Sacred Rose with Rev. Jennifer Waterstar Hensiek April 15, 2020

Coming Home to Yourself

Rev. Jennifer Waterstar Hensiek, Waterstar Clan 2016

In times of chaos or distress, our energy can become scattered or foggy. It can feel as though we are operating in survival mode and we lose touch with our core essence. By approaching our inner landscapes with curiosity and compassion, we can tend to the places that are calling for attention so they can come to rest and create space for more of our core truth. During our time together, we will go on a guided journey to facilitate healing and return to our center.

Jennifer’s journey into healing childhood and multi-generational trauma has created a deep love for assisting others on their path to self-realization. She has supported women by holding circles and individual healing sessions in Northern California since 2011. Her background consists of training in Shamanic healing, sound healing, spiritual counseling, and emotional processing techniques. She also channels her ancient one “Maya” to assist in accessing the healing energy of the Earth. Jennifer is in service to the Divine Mother and humbly approaches each healing session in reverence to the one consciousness that unites us all. Jennifer is also an artist, an author, a mother of three and an Earth-Based ordained minister of Her Walking Prayer.