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Sacred Rose with Rev. Jenn Cormier, August 21, 2019

Lord’s Prayer Embodied Meditation


Rev. Jenn Cormier of the Earth Song Clan!

Christian Mystical teachings tell us the Lord’s Prayer was the main meditation taught by Christ for all people as a perfect prayer and way to receive direct wisdom from the Divine. We will explore this prayer through a guided meditation that moves from the sacrum up through the spine to the crown and lands us in the lap of the Divine Mother. We will move through the six segments of the prayer using a Mudra (hand gesture) for each one, ending with a 7th unspoken segment of pure love. We will also explore sound and song as a way to ground this practice in our bodies and open our hearts.

Rev. Jenn Cormier, Ceremonial Artist, is a graduate of the CSS Ministry class of 2015 – Earth Song Clan. She has a background in Visual, Performing, and Somatic Healing Arts – weaving her understanding of the body, breath, and beauty into her spiritual practice. Jenn is currently offering Fully Custom concierge-style Wedding Ceremony (weddingswithjenn.com) and stepping into the role of educator around the end of life rites and rights, green burial and Home Funeral Guide work. The Lord’s Prayer Meditation has become an essential part of her daily Spiritual Practice. www.weddingswithjenn.com