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Summer Solstice Prayer Ceremony June 21, 2022 @ 12 PM PDT

“Summer Solstice Prayer – Protection of Mother Earth & Her Waters”

June 21, 2022 @ 12 PM PDT

Dear ones,

The CSS PrayeLine Team, and Sibyl Star, Minister of Walking Prayer and astrologer invite you to join us in ceremony at 12 pm PDT on June 21, 2022.

We will offer prayer, teachings on the Summer Solstice and sound healing offered by Kenneth Hooper, to open our hearts and weave a connected web of light and prayer that moves into the unified field for the highest good of all.

We will be joining in this unified field of prayer with those from all over the world to infuse our Mother with love and service to Her highest good. The Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere begins with 0 degrees of Cancer, the first astrological water sign and is connected to the waters of the world. Cancer is the sign most associated with the Great Mother and the heart of Mother Earth.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse has called for all nations, all faiths, to join together with one prayer on the Summer Solstice for the protection of Mother Earth and especially Her waters.

Come join us and invite friends and family as well (see zoom invitation below).  We are a part of something greater than ourselves and there is powerful energy created when we join together, for together we can create a new Earth.

The ceremony is approximately 30 minutes.  Afterwards, the PrayerLine Team; Darlene, Lori, Jamie and Mary will be holding a sharing circle to follow.

Peace, love, and all blessings,

The CSS PrayerLine Team, Darlene, Lori, Jamie, & Mary

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More information about the PrayerLine: https://centerforsacredstudies.org/prayer-line-prayer-circle/