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Sacred Rose with Rev. Daniela Lanaia December 16, 2020

Pre-Solstice Sound Medicine Journey


What sounds & frequencies help you attune with the songs of the new earth?

To usher in the Age of Aquarius and the 2020 Winter Solstice, Daniela will be offering this live Shamanic Sound Medicine Journey in loving collaboration with CSS. These sessions are offered within sacred space, to help us attune through sound and frequency to the resonance of the heart and wisdom of the soul. We will be journeying with sound and word, to cleanse, transmute and attune our energy; remembering ourselves within our starlight essence, as daughters and sons of Mother Earth, as we move all together through this planetary shift and re-birth.

The sessions offer a sanctuary space of sound, love, healing & support, where we may come together to nourish, transform and commune for the healing of ourselves & Mother Earth. This is a live sound healing journey with songs of the heart, Anima’s soundscapes, guided meditation & energy work, language of light, crystal singing bowls, and ancient healing frequencies.

Each sound journey is a unique energetic transmission of codes of light and healing sounds. The sound frequencies and songs are relaxing and nurturing for the nervous system, body, mind, heart ~ helping to re-attune your energy through harmonic resonance.

Rev. Daniela Lanaia, Thunderbird clan

Daniela Lanaia is a healer and musician whose work focuses on re-weaving our inner landscapes and sacred relationship with Mother Earth and the stars. Spending much of her life immersed in Nature, and at sacred sites, she has also learned from indigenous ways of the America’s and British Isles, reawakening to ancient wisdom and healing from within. Daniela now lives in the Highlands of Scotland and offers sound healing, retreats, online healing sessions. She is the female vocalist & songwriter within Anima Sound Medicine.

Anima are Award-Winning artists, pioneering Sound Healing Music. Anima’s music is infused with sacred frequencies, harmonic tones, and crystalline vocals, within rich, meditative & luminous soundscapes. “Deep and profound, the timeless music of Anima reaches into the heart and soul, enfolding the listener in a tender embrace of the sacred.”