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Sacred Rose with Emma Stow March 17, 2021

Emotional path of evolution

Why does listening to your emotions matter?

At a time when many of us are having to ‘go inside’ and listen to our hearts and inner worlds I decided to speak about emotions the language of connection and change. Each one of us has a very unique emotional make up and listening to and learning the language of our hearts and the process of integration is key to healing and moving forward from a place
of wholeness.
The head, heart, body and soul are beautifully designed to work TOGETHER and this integration is how we grow and the access to a deepening relationship to Mother Earth and all living beings.

Emma Stow


Emma Stow is an energy healer, writer and speaker with a focus on soul reconnection. Her background is in music, astrology and sacred land. She has held retreats since 2009 in the UK and USA and is is also the author of ‘Revolution of Being’ a guidebook to living in times of change.

In 2007 she had a initiation experience in the sacred land of Avalon and was asked by the land to work there. She then started leading pilgrimages culminating in the 50 mile Summer Solstice Glastonbury
pilgrimage of 2012. Her focus is on spiritual empowerment, soul connection and love as the catalyst for personal and global change.