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A FREE Community Prayer Portal CALL ~ Transforming our World from the Inside Out with CaIixto Suarez and Grandfather Woableza ~ September 25, 2019


Our call this month is called “Transforming our World from the Inside Out”, hosted by Eva Ackerman.

On this special call, we will receive transmissions & teachings from Arhuaco elder Calixto Suarez, and ancestral wisdom & stories from Grandfather Woableza of the Lakota/Dakota nation.

Based on the principle of Universality, Calixto believes the work of inner transformation is fundamental to his vital mission of Ancestral Land Recovery and Sacred Site protection. Practicing, inner work allows us to recover our internal sacred site — our inherent value, peace, and inner knowing, — and to remember that no matter the circumstance, we all have the. potential to be internally free. As we harmonize our inner landscapes., we naturally become more unified, devoted and effective stewards of the Earth and all our relations.

For me, that matters the most is that the lands are healthy, the water is pure, the air is free from virus and the human beings are at peace with themselves. This is my impulse and my intention: to speak of the importance of the sacred places and of how sacred we are.

– Calixto Suarez

About Calixto Suarez

Calixto Suarez Villafane is a spiritual ambassador of the Arhuaco people of The Sierra Nevada Mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia. He is also Spiritual Ambassador of the Indigenous Peoples of The World. Calixto is an exemplary bridge worker. He has spent the past 25 years teaching internationally, as well as working. to raise awareness and funds for the Arhuaco community in the areas of ancestral land recovery, youth education, and eldercare. His humility, wisdom, and lightness of being are a rare gift and his transformative teachings equally accessible to youth and elders, laypersons and spiritual initiates, religious practitioners and academics. He is known as the Messenger of Peace and works tirelessly on for his people, and in-service to Universal Harmony.



Grandfather Woableza trawls to us carrying a tapestry of wisdom, woven together from his many journeys and rich experiences as a true wise elder in this time. With him, he brings a good message from his travels – from the heart of Standing Rock to the vision of the Grandmothers to councils with Indigenous elders across the Americas.

Through the Grandmothers… I see in their eyes the rich legacies of love, strength, compassion, and achievement that they will pass on to their families and communities.

– Grandfather Woableza

About Woableza:

Traditional Lakota/Dakota elder, whose spiritual name “Woableza” identifies him as “One who seeks the Knowledge of life” or  “One looking for understanding“. He has traveled throughout the Americas for over 40 years, acquiring and sharing indigenous stories and wisdom regarding care for the land and people. Now, he shares that wisdom with people across the continent and around the world.





Thank-you so very much for the inspiring prayer call last night. The words of wisdom that were spoken are carriers of such deep truth, and I sensed an expansion out into the realms of many hearts, including mine. With deep gratitude – Martha

it was sincere, heart felt, and clear. There was wisdom with a capacity to effect change. I felt sadness for our separation from all life on earth and the chaos. I am not familiar with the prophesy but it sounds like it might be about global warming. I promise to be more loving and kind by slowing down and only focusing on what generates love and act from that place of kindness and compassion. It touched me deeply. Thank you. – Pam

I LOVED the content that the indigenous elders shared — VERY inspiring! Information they shared resonated deeply within me. – Anonymous

I loved the chance to learn from our indigenous elders! – Jem

Loved the guest elders and their messages. I as able to ask my question and hear the response. –  Lisa

Many blessings & gratitude to you the hosts and the elder presenters along with their ancestors and descendants to the 10th generation. – Rose

Just more prayers and love for our awakening, ascending planet and her peoples, animals, vegetables, minerals, water, air, etc. for more unity, harmony and enlightened co-creativity. – Bonnie

Prayers for all our people and the world – Sharlene

While on this journey of working on myself I have come into a place of helping others do the same. What wisdom can you share for those of us who help guide others on their own journeys. With deep gratitude.  – Moira