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Mothership Program Virtual New Moon Circle with Alice Caparelli ~ July 17th , 2023 @ 10am PST

MotherShip Program Series

Virtual New Moon Circle with Alice Caparelli

July 17th, 2023 @ 10am PST

New Moon Calendar

Join us monthly on the new moon to celebrate the energies that are alive and active in us and in the cosmos. Held on or right around the new moon, these virtual Circles will offer you an opportunity to drop into yourself, set intentions for the coming month and align with the current cosmic transmissions. Held by a rotating group of people, each month will offer a new perspective on this lunar moment. Sometimes ritual, sometimes galactic moon teaching, sometimes Munay Ki transmissions, every month will offer a chance to go deeper into connections with the rhythms of the natural world. Don’t miss this special opportunity!


About Alice Caparelli:


Alice Caparelli comes from Brazil and belongs to a lineage of medicine from the forest.

Always with the purpose of honoring the planet and all beings that inhabit it, she graduated in biology, chinese medicine, acutonics, reiki, crystals, thetahealing and tameana – among other energy and multidimensional medicine techniques. Recently, she became a minister from the Center of Sacred Studies, where she deepened her connection with the wisdom of the original people and star nation.

For many years she has been helping people free themselves from the illusion of artificial time and reconnect with the natural cycles of the Earth and Cosmos, activating their stellar memories of who they really are. Those studies are based on 13 moon cycles from the law of time by José Arguelles. Her ability to contact other beings and worlds has been developing for over 15 years. Her mission is planetary service for a better world.