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StoryTelling Festival, July 21-23, 2023, West Fulton, New York

StoryTelling Festival Jul 21-23 West Fulton, NY

Hosted by the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, The Fountain and The Center for Sacred Studies

The Mother Earth gave Her sacred gift of storytelling to the Original Peoples in the beginning days. These creation stories and stories that also prophesize and instruct have been passed down through the generations. These stories provide a tapestry of The Story of our existence.

They share the bigger picture of Mother Earth’s story and how all has evolved. We invite you to enter with us into this very sacred space and ceremonial time where traditional storytellers will share the stories that will help us walk through these challenging times. As Grandmother Luisah Teish says, “We must re-inspirit the art of storytelling. Our children must learn to sit still and listen. The story is important in their instruction.”

In that spirit, she offered this prayer.



Grandmother Luisah Teish is a delegate of the Mother Earth Delegation. She is a teacher, dancer, storyteller, and high priestess. She is Iyanifa and Oshun Chief living in the United States. She will be with us in New York!!

As many of you know the Mother Earth Delegation has tirelessly walked out the instructions that the Mother Earth is giving them. These instructions are a response to these times. This gathering will be a moment to bring the support this movement needs to continue strong for us all!!

And you are a part of that!

We are asking for a $250 donation for entry. Each entry a vote for protecting the sacred territories and cultures that are sustaining life for this planet. Truly it is your moment to step into this movement and support our Original Peoples in this work. For those that can’t offer this level of support, we are working to create a way that will allow your participation in other ways.

This is a gathering for all!! A time to unite all nations as we continue to stand up for and with Mother Earth. We are in a time of critical choice. Make your choice be one that is investing in the future of generations to come. This is a time to deeply listen! And the instruction for each of us is held in these traditional stories.

All donations are appreciated!!

If you can’t attend, your donation of $250 will bring an edited version of the festival to you, which you can share with your family. Let the abundance flow to Mother Earth as Her traditional storytellers give voice for this Creation! See you in New York!!

PS:  We are preparing a list of hotels nearby, so you can organize your stay. More of this kind of detail will be coming soon. Just to inspire you, dialogues are happening to bring our youth earth activists. And then to close out all of this amazing celebration of Life, a Unity Concert the following weekend, July 29-30th will unify us through song. In the information coming there will be a registration site where you can sign up for this event. So a lot is being planned.

We will bring those details to you very soon! Mark your calendars as we celebrate Mother**Earth and Her Original Peoples at the east door of this Turtle Island!!**

The Webpage is coming soon!

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